299516_237162492988049_100000829018748_588510_3626372_nDarebin versus St Damians
The first quarter saw us kicking to the eastern end away from the grand stand against a slight breeze. St Damians came out with a different set up and started girls behind the footy. This clogged up our forward line and we struggled to get clean shots on goal. We did however get a couple of good ones via Phungy who scored our whole score of 1goal 1 point. Our back line of Gunners, Abbs Sarah and Yakka beat their opponents one on one and then used Em Dal Pos to clear the ball out with great run and carry and clean disposal. We kept them to 2 points and came to the huddle a little bewildered by the opposition tactics but confident.

Qtr time score:
Darebin:  1.1  07
St Dam:  0.2  02
We spoke about winning the ball out of the middle and using our wingers to deliver the ball quickly to our forwards and particular Sarge who was instructed to lead up at the kicker. What followed was the best quarter of footy by the girls in 2011. This whole quarter will be a highlight of the DVD package. Everyone at the ground had witnessed the premiership quarter. It was magnificent.
Our midfield of Shan, Jess and Phung took complete control and moved the footy with presicion and skill. They were backed up by Bonnie and Loz on the wings. Sarge gave everyone a display of how Full Forward should be played. Even with St Damians players trying to get back they were no match for our quick ball movement and precise kicking to a lead. As a coach you dream of quarters like this but to have your players produce it in a big game on a big stage againts quality opposition, well it will be remembered for ever. Sarge was dominating deep forward and kicked 2 great goals. Thats right 2! one being disallowed after being marked 1m over the goal line!!
Whitty ran herself into the ground at CHF as her instructions was to be a target for us but to also run back with Louise who was their spare sweeper. Not only did she do this but she was rewarded with a great run down the members stand to kick a memorable goal in front of the big crowd. It was then Jess’s turn to kick truely from the other flank. When Rechelle and Bonnie kicked a great goal each it was just about game over. The half time siren could not come quick enough for St Damians.
Half time:
Darebin: 6.1  37
St Dam: 0.2  02
The third Quarter saw a dour struggle similar to the first with both sides going hard at the footy. Girls were going down from both sides due to some fierce tackling and intense pressure. Our girls refused to stay down and even with the runner asking some to come off to compose themselves they refused and immediatly impacted the next contest. Bree and Ruby controlling the wings and Mei always at the bottom of the pack we were matching them at the contests. Again Phungy was everywhere and Yakka, Issi and Dani down back were fighting for everything. St Damians finally got their first goal and they rallied late in the quarter. With our coaching team almost stepping unto the ground for the 3/4 huddle a free kick was paid in the opposition goal square right on the siren. With a goal after the siren it was only 23 points the difference.
Darebin: 6.2  38
St Dam: 2.3  15
The girls were reminded this would be the last 15min this team would play footy together. This did the trick. Anyone watching would think we were behind the way the girls started. Phungy and Jess went on a rampage in the middle, Bonnie, Rechelle and Ruby were creating havoc in the forward line and we locked the ball in refusing to let it out. On the few occasions it did Shan, Gunners, Loz, Abbs, Issi, Mei and Em Dal Pos simply beat their opponents to pump the ball into our forward line. The warm weather together with the physical pressure being applied by St Damians saw our structures and ball movement not to the level of the second quarter. It was our relentless attack on the footy which finally saw a scrambled ball forward picked up by Bonnie who snapped a great goal. Not content with this the girls continually attacked. The ball was bouncing around our forward line until a quick kick in saw Tina take a courageous mark in front of goal, but at her limit for distance. With everyone holding their breaths Tina had the courage and the conviction to handball to Whitty who drilled the goal and the celebrations started. Elise came on for the last minutes to enjoy the moment. The siren sounded and there was a mas of darebin players in one big ball on the ground. How they all got to each other so quickly typified the game. They were spent, they had given everthing for each other and now began celebrating. The celebrations went on to the Mc Swains house where a recovery was held in the pool!!!! and some pepsi!
At the presentation a huge roar geeted the BOG to Julia Phung. Just reward for a girl who ran herself into the ground for her team mates. 
Final Scores:
Darebin: 8.3  51
St Dam: 2.3  15
Goals: Bonnie 2, Whitty 2, Sarge 1, Jess 1, Phungy 1, Rechelle 1.
Best: 19 Darebin Champions.
Thanks to Niki, Alexis and Alan as trainers, Tommy assistant Coach, Will as runner, Pauline in time keeping, Blanche on scoreboard, Tracy as umpires escort, Alana, Jake, Malcolm and Justine as water runners. Thanks to all who helped over the year make it a memorable journey.
Remember girls LIVE IN THE MOMENT
Go Falcons.