Life Members

Life Membership is intended to be an award of significant distinction to recognise special, meritorious, or exceptional service made by individuals to the Club. Life Membership is the highest honour that can be bestowed by the Club and should be regarded with prestige by members of the Club and recipients alike. View the full Life Member policy.

If you would like to nominate a Falcon for Life Membership please fill in the details in this form and submit.

Falcons-Logo-full-colour Lauren Arnell
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Jodi Brown (deceased)
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Maria Caruso
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Julia Chiera
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Davide Codini
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Niki Duckstein  
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Sarah Hammond
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Rebecca Hickmott
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Jasmine Hirst   
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Shevaun Hogan
Falcons-Logo-full-colour  Jane Lange 
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Linda Musicka
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Fiona McCaulay
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Eileen McGregor
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Aasta O’Connor
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Daisy Pearce
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Louise Potter
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Harriet Radermacher
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Sal Rees
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Trish Riddell
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Ann Rulton (deceased)
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Peta Searle
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Di Smith
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Kerryn Stephens
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Coleen Vale
Falcons-Logo-full-colour Sally Wallis