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The Darebin Women’s Sports Club (Darebin Falcons) offers opportunities for women and girls to play soccer, AFL and 8-ball. With over 550 players from 4 years of age and up, the Falcons proudly boast the largest multi-sport female Club in Victoria.

Since the club was founded in 1990 we have enjoyed huge success on and off the field. We have a proud history of competing at both state league and grassroots level and we are committed to the growth and development of sport for women and girls in the Darebin region and beyond.

The Darebin Falcons aim to provide a supportive environment and an atmosphere that promotes a culture of safety, friendship and fair sporting behaviour, whilst maintaining a competitive spirit!

The success of the Darebin Falcons has been possible because of a strong commitment from players, club members, supporters and volunteers – all of whom are the life blood of our club.

Everyone at our club has two things in common, their love of women’s sport and a ‘give it a go’ attitude. No opponent is too good and no challenge is too hard.

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Darebin Women’s Sports Club

Ways to support the Falcons

Ways to support the Falcons

Everyone - including the Falcons community - is doing it tough at the moment, and responding as best we can to evolving restrictions. We'll have an update for you as soon as we receive more information from each of our head sporting bodies. In the meantime though,...

Falcons’ Pop-Up Shop – 27 February

Falcons’ Pop-Up Shop – 27 February

SAVE SAVE SAVE AT THE FALCONS' POP-UP SHOP - THURSDAY 27 FEBRUARY 5PM-7PM, AH CAPP RESERVE. Check out these amazing discount offers from our Club partners; all available at the Falcons' Pop-Up Shop this Thursday evening: Ida Sports Football boots uniquely designed for...

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