Are you excited about the upcoming World Cup? Are you feeling guilty after the Christmas and New Years inactivity and alcohol/food excesses? Do you want to find a really great women’s sports club to be a part of? 

This year is going to be a HUGE year for soccer, what with the World Cup on, AND with the incredible growth of our womens and girls soccer teams at our club. We are feeling the ground swell already, there is definitely something big about to happen down at the Falcons nest. 

Darebin Womens Sports Club is starting preseason 6.30pm Tuesday 14th January at A.H.Capp Reseerve, Halwyn Crescent, Preston. We invite all women who are interested in playing to come on down and get involved with our teams. We welcome all women to participate, whether you have never played before and woulde love to give it a go, or if you’ve played all your life and have aspirations for greatness. We hope to have enough squads to satisfy the requirements of all players. 

Please contact Staci at [email protected] for more information.