The Darebin Board, and VFLW squad would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all our 2021 Player Sponsors. 

This year, our VFLW Player Sponsors have been essential for the club to enter the state’s highest competition, and to support skills and experience at this elite level for players, coaches and administrators.  The support for the VFLW Players continues to blaze a trail of opportunities for girls across our community.  With the skills, support and experience they gain as part of the Falcons family these opportunities go well beyond the playing field and open even more doors for women, from all walks of life. 

Our VFLW team remains independent community Club and the only all women’s Club competing in the elite VFLW competition, and the last one standing of the initial 6 team Premier Division launched in 2016. We do this without gambling revenue and with sponsorship that aligns with our values.  One of our main partners is the innovative Darebin City Council, with recognition that programs for women and girls are in step with our community.  The Club flourishes with the backing of player fees, our sponsors, and our community.

One of the reasons that Darebin is the Club to which we love to belong is that close connection with community.  The Player Sponsors at our club are not only generous, but also passionate and talented.  

Darebin will continue to be a leading club, with a playing community of over 800 girls and women in 2021 across our four sports of Australian Rules, soccer, cricket and eight-ball.  If you are looking for a unique, cost-effective way to advertise, a special gift for someone or join in with friends and family wishing to show your support for your favourite club, there are still opportunities in 2021. Contact us a [email protected]

Our Individual Player Sponsors

Danielle Strain

Darebin Falcons Masters Team

Chris Payne

Christine Scott

Fiona Kelly

Forever Up Signs

Jennifer Elarmaly

Joan Nestle

Julie Boffa

Melissa & Peter Kinsman

Nita Blackwood

Patty Kinnersley

Peter Lausch

Redgie Walker

Sarah Hammond

Smash FM

Support for Me

Sweet Kicks Football Academy

The Coathanger Footy Podcast

TopGunn Fitness

Our Business Player Sponsors

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