VFLW Round 3 vs Hawthorn

Saturday 26th February 2022, Latrobe University

Darebin Falcons 0.2.2 def by 9.14.68 Hawthorn

📸 Photos by @Rob Lawson Photography

In a tough match this week, Darebin Falcons were beaten by a dominant Hawthorn team.  On hot and rather humid day, the Hawks were quick out of the blocks with goals from Stratten and Williams giving the Hawks a 22 point lead at quarter time.  The second quarter the Falcons stepped the pressure and matched up creating more contest across the field, but unfortunately the team were only able to put 2 points on the scoreboard.  In the second half, Hawthorn were able to kick a further 5 goals, 9 points and the Falcons unfortunately failed to score a goal.

Chloe Weston-Sirett made her debut both as a Falcon and to the VFLW, and the team was also boosted by the return of Nic Callinan, Angelique Reibelt and Millie Shone. The Falcons worked hard to compete and especially during the first half, there were lots of commitment to the contest, creating pressure all over the ground.  Angelica Gogos worked hard all day with an impressive 12 tackles.   Unfortunately, inaccurate passing created too many opportunities for the Hawks.  Further pressure came as Alice Caddy was ruled out early in the game with a shoulder injury.

Midway through the quarter, Trinity Mills led well up the line and was awarded a 50 metre penalty as the defender stepped over the mark.  She took on the game and kicked on quickly but the Hawk defenders were able to race back to rush it through.   A beautiful tackle by Millie Schon was very unlucky not to get a free kick in front of goal, and with the play on, Cowley du Parquet’s clean pick up and kick was just touched on the goal line.

With over 30 rebound 50’s, the Falcons defenders Gena Lawson Tavan, Karley McNeice, Ashleigh Gunn and Nic Callinan worked hard under pressure all day, with intercept marks, tackling hard and rebounding out of the backlline. 

After the game, Coach Kate Tyndall said that while she could acknowledge the players’ efforts on the day, especially after losing a player early in the match, it was not a scoreline that the Falcons will be pleased about.  “We can not be satisfied with that.  I think that for us this was a really challenging day, but not hiding from that, we do need to improve our skills, especially in executing our skills under pressure.  ” 

The Falcons supporters will be looking forward to next week to see the response from the squad, and will be cheering on from the sidelines for all the hard work that the team are putting into their 2022 campaign.

Next game: Saturday 6 March, North Melbourne v Darebin, 10am, Arden Street Oval, North Melbourne

The replay and all live VFLW matches in 2022 can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/AFLVictoria

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