VFLW Round 12 vs Geelong

Darebin Falcons 1.2-9 def by Geelong 9.6-60

Darebin continues to fight and battle their way through the business end of the season, but were beaten at home this week.

Geelong Cats got off to a quick start with the opening 3 goals in the first 5 minutes.  The Falcon’s midfield fought back hard to make a contest working ferociously at the stoppages, and the middle part of the game was a real arm wrestle.

The second quarter saw the most attacking play from the Falcons.  With the build up of pressure, Trinity Mills was driven into the ground and awarded a free kick 45 metres out directly in front.  She made the distance but was only just off line for a behind.  The Cats then brought the ball wide out of defence with a series of kicks.  It then came undone with pass back into the middle being a kick sliding off the side of the boot.  Mills was able to swoop in and take the mark.  She sent the ball back quickly with a long kick into the Falcs forward line going over everyone’s heads, and then falling nicely for forward Katie McAloon running back fast to pick up the ball and kick straight through for a goal.

Falcons continued to pressure up and worked hard to keep the ball in the forward 50.  Callinan took a great pack mark, and sent the ball wide to the fingertips of Emma Mackay on the lead.  From the boundary line on the 50 meter arc, Mackay kicked long into the hotspot.  Mills used her strength well to nudge out the defenders but was just not able to hold onto the mark, with the ball going through for a rushed behind.   Unfortunately from the kick out, Geelong took the ball from coast to coast taking that late goal in the second half to keep a three goal lead.

It was a similar story with some great efforts in the third quarter.  The Falcons held the Cats to only the one goal, which was again coming in the last 2 minutes of play.   Geelong were then able to seal the game with a flurry in the last quarter.

With much of the game in Geelong’s possession, the young Falcons harried and harassed all day.  Nic Callinan had another great game with 14 kicks, 18 disposals.  Under pressure, the defence line were well led by Gena Lawson-Tavan, with 9 kicks and 16 disposals, Karly McNiece with 12 disposals and Paije Kearney with the 8 kicks, 10 disposals. Katelyn Hazlett chased hard with 13 tackles, with Mikayla Plunkett with 9 tackles and Naomi Celebre with 8 tackles creating good pressure at the stoppages.  Sally Lynch had a game high 30 hit outs.

Coach Kate Tyndall again complimented the squad’s tenacity and positivity as they come up against some teams with more experience in the back half of the season “Despite the losses, there are still positives to take out of each game. We have been particularly pleased with how our younger players are improving, and have been able to impact at different times.  We have come up against the top teams in the second half of the season, and unfortunately we have been missing key players each week.  I really can’t fault the effort of the players; they continue to fight games out each week, and certainly are showing that pride in wearing the Darebin jumper. “

Come down and see the team in action.  Next match will be Saturday 21 May, Darebin plays Hawthorn at Box Hill City Oval, 11.00am.

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