Sunday 21 May, 2023

ETU Stadium

Darebin Falcons 3.2-20 def by Western Bulldogs 7.12-54

Darebin Falcons competed hard this week, but lack of consistency cost them on the scoreboard. The Falcons worked hard to overcome and poor start, steadying the ship and getting back within contact. Unfortunately 2 late goals in the final quarter then put the game out of reach.

Throughout the game, Ange Gogos was in everything, with a game high 25 kicks and 11 tackles. She was tagged for most of the day for her ability to win the footy and workload. Sally Lynch was a consistent battler, getting to the ruck contests and looking to create opportunities for the Falcons to move the ball. Playing up forward, Lauren Jatczak was brilliant at the contested marking. The 18 year old was impressive kicking two goals, and taking on a strong role in the attack.

In the first quarter, the Western Bulldogs looking resplendent in their new indigenous jumpers, were direct at the goal and scoring three goals in the first five minutes. With some renewed intensity and good second efforts from Gogos and Vanja Smiljanic, the Falcons worked the ball forward. A chain of marks from Lynch, to Alyssa Mifsud, to Piper Louey, and then to Jatczak. Only 10 metres out, but hard against the boundary line, Jatczak’s kick threaded the needle and through for a major score. The Bulldogs were able to respond, adding another goal and 5 behinds, and then kicking the first of the second quarter as well.

The Falcons dug deep and managed to stem the scoring, creating some more opportunities for their forwards. Midway through the third quarter the Falcons created a good foray forward with Mifsud and Cowley du Parquet strong in the pack, and Gogos crumbing was ridden into the ground. From the free kick, Gogos kicked to a leading Jatzcak who took a brilliant mark in the middle of the pack. With a easier angle, she made no mistake sending the ball directly through the middle for her second goal of the game.

Darebin had more momentum, but struggled at times with linking with teammates. Mifsud with a sliding intercept mark, got a kick to the hotspot, which was well crumbed by Sacha Kenna. Running forward, Kenna got a shot on goal, but was off target. In the fourth, Falcons kept up the scoreboard pressure by getting the first goal. Millie Shone took a lovely contested intercept mark. She set off a good chain of marks with Shan Egan marking at the front of the square, sending in to Mifsud just inside the 50metre arc, who was then able to find Cowley du Parquet leading to the boundary. It was a good reward for the team with Cowley du Parquet going back and kicking the goal. But unfortunately, the Falcons were not able to hold back the Bulldogs who attacked again, kicking two more goals and getting the win.

Coach Aasta O’Connor said that the slow start really hurt us in this match. “We certainly showed that we can be competitive, with some better play in the second half of the game. It does show our ability to change up on the field, and also our capacity to grow as a team.”

Having the early match meant that the VFLW squad were able to return back to A.H. Capp for the afternoon and support the whole of club Pride Weekend events. Our two senior sides matched up against rivals Diamond Creek in our annual traditional NFNL Pride Matches on the Sunday afternoon and the Over 35’s Pride Match played on Saturday too. The Whole of Club Pride Weekend continues to be a significant event in 2023, supported by Falcon players, alumni and family across the club. It is an explicit welcome for all; a recognition that sport is for everyone.

Next Round is the Sir Doug Nicholls Round, Darebin will play Essendon on Sunday 28 May, 10.30am

Join us at our home ground La Trobe University, Bundoora. Acknowledgement of Country at 10.15, and the squad in VFLW”s inaugural indigenous design jumper. The squad will be joined by the artist Rebecca Bell, and by Falcons’ First Nations family.
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