RESERVES – Round 8

VU St Albans                            3.3,  6.6,  8.6,  12.10  (82)

Darebin                                 1.1,  2.2,  2.2,  2.2  (14)

GOALS, VU St Albans : Melanie Devlin 3, Emily McIntyre 2, Bridget Caddy 2, Samantha Radlof 1, Tayla Dinuccio 1, Alana Bell 1, Rossel Taveras Delgado 1, Katherine Sivewright 1

Darebin  : Alana Wearne 1, Rebecca Hickmott 1

BEST, VU St Albans : Samantha Radlof, Rachel Gullo, Melanie Devlin, Alana Tully, Jessica Heath, Danni Teasdale

Darebin  : Taryn Escreet, Irene Toh, Victoria  Pettit, Alberta Gunner, Kate Tyndall, Kathy Zacharopoulos


Darebin                                 5.1,  6.4,  8.8,  8.10  (58)

VU St Albans                            1.1,  3.4,  5.5,  5.7  (37)

GOALS, Darebin  : Jane Lange 2, Kristen Douglas 2, Sharon Roussos 1, Samantha Smith 1, Lauren Arnell 1, Natalie Wood 1

VU St Albans : Amy Catterall 3, Moana Hope 2

BEST, Darebin  : Tracy Ashby, Daisy Pearce, Samantha Smith, Aasta O’Connor, Jessica Dal Pos, Darcy Vescio

VU St Albans : Kaz Paxman, Bree White, Kara Donnellan, Amanda Walsh, Lauren Bazeley, Emily Paterno

PREMIER DIVISION – Round 8 – Darebin vs St Albans

In their second encounter of the year, the Falcons were keen to put on a good performance at home against the reigning premiers. Despite not playing a game of footy since Federation, the Falcons were pumped.


The Spurs quickly pounced spotting up a target in their forward line and slotting a goal from a tight angle. But the Falcons responded, with some quick movement out of half back and Aasta on the wing, the score was quickly evened up. With Trashby shutting down the Spurs main playmaker, and the all-star backline of Dani, Bibby, Shivs, Coutta, Darcy and JC applying plenty of pressure and stifling the Spurs chances, the Falcons were able to play their new style of footy. The team continued to develop their controlled and calm use of the ball in order to set up their forward targets, including Jane and Shaz. For their hard work, the Falcons were rewarded with five first quarter goals.  


With what’s-his-name on the receiving end of some rough treatment resulting in a red card, the Falcons had the luxury of playing the rest of the game with an extra player in their backline. The Spurs rallied, adjusting their game plan and slotting a couple of goals after clearing out their forward fifty and kicking the ball quickly to their talls in one-on-one contests. With the rain starting to come down, the Falcons persevered in the greasy conditions and Loz was rewarded with a goal at the Sydney end. 


After some excellent windmills whilst waiting for the umpires to reappear, the game opened up in the third quarter. KD made an impact up forward and was rewarded with a couple of goals for her efforts. Darcy was excellent from the kick outs, moving the ball briskly down the boundary, allowing the Falcs to quickly switch from defense to attack. Shivs acrobatics, right in front of the coach’s box were exceptional, twisting and turning out of trouble and splitting the Spurs defenders. Steph and Woody worked hard on the wings, locking the ball into the Falcs forward line and providing valuable link-up targets. A A Star was dominant in the ruck and was rewarded with free kicks for her hard work and persistence. 


With the ball as heavy as a medicine ball, the final quarter was a tight affair as the Falcons tried to starve their opposition of the footy. The Falcs continued to control the play and were unlucky to slot a few more goals with their great efforts hitting the post. 


Great game Falcons!