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Round 6: Darebin vs Diamond Creek


Premier Reserves


 Darebin                                 3.3,  3.7,  5.8,  6.9  (45)

Diamond Creek                    0.1,  1.1,  2.1,  2.2  (14)

GOALS- Darebin: Alana Wearne 3, Alexis Carydis 1, Tamara Mifka 1, Rebecca Hickmott 1

Diamond Creek : Monique  McKenzie 1, Meagan Ciavarella 1

BEST- Darebin: Anna Brown, Alanna Porter, Til Van Riel, Kate Tyndall, Rebecca Hickmott, Taryn Escreet

Diamond Creek: Charlotte Dillon, Emily Willing, Monica Whelan, Amy Callaway, Danni Bromley, Megan Purvis


After last week’s disappointing loss to East Burwood , the Falcs’ Reserves were keen to prove their mettle on the Coburg City Oval. In a much more composed and confident performance, the Reserves took the game by the reins from the opening bounce. Tilly, covered in mud, had a phenomenal first half, providing a strong marking target and cutting off Diamo’s attempts to go forward with those arms that manage to grab the most unmarkable balls. Wearney provided a strong leading target up forward, as well as doing some great crumbing work at Bec’s feet and was rewarded with a couple of early goals.


In the second quarter, Diamo managed to peg back the streaming Falcs, getting a goal of their own but the Falcs kept pushing. Unfortunately, however, they were unlucky in not finding the big sticks.


After half time the Falcs continued to push ahead. Tyndall continued her fantastic form, creating a lot of drive across half-back, and even spotted up Lexi who slotted a lovely goal. Layna was fantastic down the wing, and Taz was dominant through the middle and around the forward fifty. Despite Diamo’s best efforts, the Falcons kept their heads and rounded out a great game of team footy. Well done girls!


Premier Division


Darebin                                 1.3,  2.4,  4.4,  5.6  (36)

Diamond Creek                           2.1,  2.2,  2.3,  2.3  (15)

GOALS- Darebin: Sharon Roussos 2, Jane Lange 1, Daisy Pearce 1, Aasta O’Connor 1

Diamond Creek : Katie Loynes 2

BEST- Darebin: Daisy Pearce, Darcy Vescio, Aasta O’Connor, Julia Chiera, Melissa Bibby, Stephanie Simpson

Diamond Creek: Anna Saxton, Laura Attard, Katie Loynes, Amelia Barden, Shae Audley, Lauren Morecroft

It was an iconic Saturday afternoon game of football that saw the top of the table clash between first placed Diamond Creek and second placed Darebin. The Coburg oval held bitter memories for the Falcons, whose last game there was their Grand Final loss to fellow 2011 powerhouse, St Albans.


But with seven new faces added to last year’s Darebin lineup, the Falcons were only ever focused on the job at hand…toppling the ladder-leaders Diamond Creek in their first season meeting. Hideous weather conditions loomed large and with an already soaked ground and muddy midfield, it would be important to make scoreboard impact early before another battle of soccer skills was inevitable.


The home team took the field pumped. Whether it was Richo’s goose-bump-inducing pre-match speech, or the sound of Johnny Cash ringing in their ears, the Falcons had come ready to play. Training all week had been dedicated to specifically combating the Creekers strengths. The backline, mids and forwards had all done their homework and had their jobs. It was just a matter of executing them.


The rain held off for the first quarter and both the skill-set and competition was of a high standard. Both teams moved the ball well on the big ground and made forward-fifty entries. Darebin peppered their goals, but were only able to truly convert once. Down the other end, the Falcons’ backline held strong but gave away two free kicks in front of goal, and Diamond Creek capitalised. The Falcs were saved by the quarter-time siren as an ominous-looking forward thrust by Diamond Creek had Darebin scattered and clambering to cover the open spaces.


By the second quarter it was clear that Diamond Creek, too, had done their homework. Well aware of the Falcons’ game style, Diamond Creek switched their ball play, and switched well, catching the Falcs off guard more than once from defensive kick ins. Their ball movement was quick and precise but failure to make the most of their opportunities in front of goal and in the rain allowed Darebin to stay in the contest and with a late quarter goal, the Falcons hit half-time in front and with their tails up.


Half-time was Captain Pearce’s turn for the rev up. With the rain pouring and conditions deteriorating, the skipper implored her troops for a gut-busting effort. Sammy and Bibby lead the charge, putting their bodies on the line, repeatedly, at every contest. With a slippery and heavy ball, clean possessions were hard to come by, but still the Falcs fought on and with persistent efforts from JC, Woody, Roey and Nicky, kept the ball in the forward line for conversion of two majors. At three quarter-time the Creekers still had not added to their goal count, and most impressively for the Falcons, had failed to put the ball into the hands of their main goal scorer.


By the last quarter both teams were drenched, the ball weighed a tonne and no amount of grippo was going to help anyone take a mark! The Falcons had a lead, but was it enough? As has been the case all year, “whats-his-name” gave her mids first use of the ball, and despite the conditions, Stepho managed to keep it on a string and in the forward line most of the quarter. Any attempt by Diamond Creek to bring it back was met by backline stalwart Shivers, who just kept repelling their attempts. Darcy gave the Creekers a taste of their own medicine when she single-handedly switched the ball from the back line to the wing and when Shags converted truly with a massive set shot at goal deep in the quarter, the Falcs knew they were home. Not even shoddy time-keeping could deny it!


With their new tag as wet-weather specialists, the Falcons dedicated the win to the birthday girls JC and Daisy with a top-of-the-table present to go with it! Well done Falcons!