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Round 5: Darebin Falcons versus Eastern Devils



Premier Reserves



East Burwood                     1.0,  2.3,  3.3,  4.3  (27)

Darebin                           0.2,  0.3,  2.4,  3.4  (22)

GOALS, East Burwood : Michelle Palmer 2, Olivia Crowe 2

Darebin  : Taryn Escreet 2, Louise Potter 1

BEST, East Burwood : Elisha Murrowood, Brooke Fox, Jessica Trend, Laura Cartledge, Brittany Cloke- Daley, Kathy McBride

Darebin  : Anna Brown, Taryn Escreet, Kate Tyndall, Victoria  Pettit, Til Van Riel, Toni Alexandrow


No matter which end of the season the game is, the tightly contested Falcons vs East Burwood Devils battle always proves to be a barometer match for both sides. A new look Burwood team (much taller and faster), took on the Falcs at AH CAPP reserve, in well perfect weather for football…and tanning. But anything could be perfect compared to the far cry of last weeks rain, hail and shine at Melbourne Uni.


To set the mood, it was Reesy’s 100th VWFL game with coach Roi letting the veteran take the stage in the rooms for a motivational pep talk. Which simply summarised showed us all how passionate she is about her footy.

“Play every game like it’s your last…” (Rees, 2012)

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room…


With those inspirational words in the back of our minds, the Falcs ran out charging. With plenty of the ball and plenty of supply into forward line at the start, the Falcons were unable to convert these opportunities to goals on the board. Span who would go on to be BOG with an alleged 65 tackles for the day, didn’t let the ball far from her sight or let her player get away with the ball EVER. The back line was held up strongly by Tyndall with her 2 foot height disadvantage against a tower, yet still managing to get a hand on more than a few incoming Burwood kicks. Unfortunately the devils were able to convert and get the first and only goal of the quarter.


The 2nd quarter saw Burwood take control of the ball, with more marks in their forward line, more running players able to break away, more decisions going their way and thus more shots on goal. Thankfully only one of their several goal attempts made it through. Playmaker Tori worked tirelessly being a marking option anywhere and everywhere on the ground, setting up numerous passages of play, however the Falcs were unable to score. The skills and confidence from the newbies Cass, Jules, Benno and Elisa continues to grow exponentially each week, with each player providing great support to our marking options up forward and applying defensive pressure on the Burwood turnovers.


After the half time rest, and beginning the 3rd quarter 2 goals down, it was definitely time for the Falcs to catch up. Lexie was handed a free kick in the forward line but was unsure which goals we were going for. Captain of the day Til, was marking everything that came near her, even the unmarkable and as always continued to rack up countless 1 percenters. Toni floating between the backline and the midfield played with aggression and provided great support to the ball carriers bringing the ball into the forward 50. But it was the ever reliable Taz who was able to post 2 goals for the Falcs. Setting the final quarter up as a 5 point ball game.


Going into the 4th quarter, the opening minutes consisted of multiple stoppages as both teams gave it there all to try and clear the ball. Burwood were first to score adding a goal to the board and bringing the lead out to 11 points. Following that score the backline became relentless, wrapping up anyone who then tried to bring the ball into the 50. A goal from Potter, provided the spark the twos needed with all Falcs doing absolutely everything to push the ball forward right up until the siren, but it was too late and we were unable to get ahead. In this low scoring, high stoppages filled game, East Burwood with their many running, marking and tall options proved too good and held onto their 5 point lead, taking the 4 points on the day.


Another close loss for the twos to reflect on. Keep your heads high ladies. With players to still come back, the season is still young and we’re improving every week and developing the style we want to play!


Once again congratulations to Cath Rees on 100 games of footy. A great team mate to kick to at the Falcs! Look forward to Bec and Zachy back in the Falcs colours this weekend against a much improved Diamo at Coburg!!! With Span BOG, and Taz, Tyndalls, Tory, Til and Toni among the Falcs best on the day, I plan on changing my name to Tocksy to get amongst it too.




Premier Division


Darebin                                 5.5,  7.8,  9.9,  11.11  (77)

East Burwood                            0.3,  1.3,  3.5,  6.7  (43)

GOALS, Darebin  : Sharon Roussos 3, Jane Lange 2, Daisy Pearce 2, Tracy Ashby 1, Jessica Dal Pos 1, Gemma Anderson 1, Aasta O’Connor 1

East Burwood:Sarah D’Arcy 3, Shelley Beggs 1, Sarah Punton 1, Melissa Beadles 1

BEST, Darebin  : Melissa Bibby, Jessica Dal Pos, Daisy Pearce, Shevaun  Hogan, Darcy Vescio, Danielle Moore

East Burwood : Meg Hutchins, Lou Wotton, Sarah D’Arcy, Krystle Rivers, Amy Wynne, Shelley Beggs


In stark contrast to last week’s conditions, the Falcons took the field for round 5 on a dry track and a warm day. Soccer skills no longer needed, it was back to long kicks, high marks, and quick, clean hands. The Devils were on a high after coming off a solid win against St Albans and the Falcons were under no illusion – this was going to be a tough match.


But it was the home team who were switched on from the word go. Not even the umpires failed centre bounce attempts could deter the Falcons from efficient ball movement out of the centre and precise delivery into the forward line. Three centre clearances for three inside 50s and three goals put Darebin quickly into the driver’s seat. Adding another two unanswered goals to the tally saw them go into quarter time with a five goal to nothing lead – their best start to the season against quality opposition.


To the visitor’s credit the second quarter became a much more tightly contested affair. Using the quarter time break to adapt to the Falcons play, the Devils managed to restrict the Falcons scoring in the second. Still, they themselves could only manage one major and were hurt by the Falcons two late quarter goals.


The contest further intensified in the second half and whilst the scoreboard was flattering to the home side, it was clear the Devils were not going to capitulate. Taking a new tact, the Devils dropped a spare man back in defence and the Falcons took some time to adjust. Scoring was made difficult, as both teams repelled the opposition’s forward entry attempts. Bibby, Shivs, and Dani all took it in turns to sweep across half back, racking up both contested and uncontested possessions. BOG Darcy did her best work, as she always does, in the air, marking and clearing everything that came her way. Coutta was superb at full back, touching the ball 5 times (3 times handing it to the umpire) with an amazing rushed behind that saw her sliding through the goals and requiring the number 22 to be washed for the very first time in its career!


Down the other end of the field, Shaz again proved she is a force to be reckoned with, leading and marking strongly and kicking truly. Jane and Daisy also scored multiples with an impressive spread of seven separate goals scorers for the day. Congratulations to Jess Dal Pos, who kicked the (allegedly) un-kickable set shot at goal.


The Devils came home hard in the last quarter and managed to outscore the Falcons. This displeased captain, Pearce, who resorted to hair pulling and subsequent accusations of time wasting, when her opponent stopped play to call for the hairdresser…errr…trainer.


In the end, a hard fought win and a great team effort from the Falcons who now face unbeaten Diamond Creek in their next encounter. In an interview after the match, Falcons ruckman Aasta O’Conner was quoted as dedicating the win to her hero, Nicki Minaj, saying “today it was me that was ‘meant to fly’.”