962883_1_MPremier Reserves – Darebin Falcons vs Sunbury


It was a great night for football! Under lights and on a ground as big as the MCG, the Falcons got off to a fantastic start. Making good use of the corridor, the Falcons moved the ball swiftly and cleanly by hand into the forward line. Bec was everywhere, Sommer took huge marks and Trashby, Socksy, Harry and Aliesha Mclean took charge of the middle. Kerro continually provided strong leads in the forward line and Ochre kicked her first Falcons goal. Sunbury struggled to keep up, and the Falcons went into half time six goals up.


The second half saw Sunbury tighten up on their opposition, holding the ball up, pushing forward and slotting a couple of goals. . Sunbury’s aggressive brand of football saw Til seeing stars and kept the Falcons to just 9 points in the second half. The Falcons however had set the game up in the first half and continued their undefeated start to the season.


Darebin                                 4.2,  7.2,  7.4,  8.5 (53)?

Sunbury                                 1.0,  1.2,  3.3,  3.3  (21)??

GOALS, Darebin : Rebecca Hickmott 4, Kerryn Stephens 1, Ochre Shaw 1, Sharon Roussos 1, Jenna Hubbard 1?Sunbury : Lisa Kirby 2, Lisa Borg 1??

BEST, Darebin : Sommer Portway, Harriet Radermacher, Rebecca Hickmott, Aliesha McLean, Michelle Hennessy, Emily Campbell?Sunbury : Lisa Kirby, Natasha Hardy, Natalie East, Rhianna Wilson, Julia Arnold, Lisa Borg


Premier Division – Darebin Falcons vs South Mornington


With just 18 players making the Mother’s Day journey to the Peninsula, the Falcons were determined to bounce back from Round 4’s loss. Daisy attempted, unsuccessfully, to pump up the team by playing Joan Armatrading in the Dungeon change-rooms.


On a swirly, overcast afternoon, Loz, Daisy, Hammo, Schwagger and Aasta ensured the Falcons were getting first use of the ball, ducking and weaving their way out of trouble time and time again. The Tigerettes (!) got plenty of the ball in the first quarter but the rolling zone of the Falcons backline proved impenetrable.


In the second quarter, the Falcons struggled to hit up targets and didn’t take advantage of their opportunities. The Falcons regrouped at half time and took control of the premiership quarter. Steph and Woody’s explosive running and Sammy continually doing the one per-centers gave the forwards plenty of chances.


The final quarter was a messy affair, with continual stoppages, inaccurate kicking, and to round off a brilliant afternoon on the Peninsula, a melee. Jane did her best Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon impression, but the umpire was not impressed with her inability to change directions midair and Kimmy Perry found herself at the bottom of a pile of Tigerettes.


Despite a disappointing final term, the Falcons ran out comfortable winners.




Darebin                                 5.8,  7.12,  12.16,  13.17  (95)?

South Mornington                        0.0,  0.1,  1.1,  1.3  (9)??

GOALS, Darebin : Daisy Pearce 3, Aasta O’Connor 2, Georgia  Hammond 2, Alisha Habib 1, Lauren Arnell 1, Anna Schwager 1, Victoria  Pettit 1, Julia Chiera 1, Samantha Smith 1?South Mornington : Mel McCartney 1??

BEST, Darebin : Stephanie Simpson, Kathleen Roe, Daisy Pearce, Samantha Smith, Diana Coutts, Sarah Hammond?South Mornington : Bronwyn Rogan, Ellie Hedington, Kate Thompson, Michelle Densley, Laura Cuttriss, Cara Mackey