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Round 4 : Melbourne University vs Darebin Falcons

Premier Reserves

Darebin                                 0.5,  0.6,  0.9,  1.11  (17)

Melbourne Uni                           0.1,  0.2,  0.2,  0.3  (3)

GOALS – Darebin  : Kathy Zacharopoulos 1

BEST- Darebin : Anna Brown, Alanna Porter, Kate Tyndall, Til Van Riel, Victoria  Pettit, Kathy Zacharopoulos

Melbourne Uni : Louise Ainscough, Jane Wieselmann, Liz Walcott, Amy Decker, Simone Gristwood, Renee Tsongas

On the historic Melbourne University oval and in the shadow of the Ormond college tower one could be forgiven for believing that the Gods of women’s footy were somewhat angry with the Falcons and Mugars for taking the field on Mother’s Day. The sky was angry that day my friends, opening up to pelt the competitors in hail, sleet and sideways, frontways and up-and-down rain.

The resulting game, as you can imagine was messy and low-scoring, but one could not doubt the endeavour of all players on the ground. Bec, as always, led by example, and copped a forehead in her face and a tooth through her lip for her troubles. The Prez will now be seeking a new mouthguard sponsor for the club. Spanna was incredible across half back, stopping everything in it’s tracks and was on the end of a sneaky look-away handle from Tory which defied the horrific conditions.

Tough as guts Sommer can’t catch a trick at the moment, going as hard as usual she got kicked in the hand and suffered a nasty dislocation to her thumb. Get better soon Som!

But perhaps the highlight of the day was Tyndall being on the receiving end of repetitive tickles from her opponent and after repeatedly rebuffing her opponent’s advances being told that it was such a shame as she is indeed “A pretty little thing.”

Considering it was Mother’s Day, the reserves made a pact that only mothers were allowed to kick goals, and Zachy finally achieved this in the final quarter. Well fought Falcons!

Premier Division


Darebin                                 0.0,  5.1,  5.2,  5.2  (32)

Melbourne Uni                           2.3,  2.3,  3.4,  3.5  (23)

GOALS, Darebin  : Sharon Roussos 2, Daisy Pearce 1, Alicia Reivers 1, Aasta O’Connor 1

Melbourne Uni : Emma Kearney 2, Emma Phillips 1

BEST, Darebin  : Natalie Wood, Sarah Hammond, Nicole Callinan, Daisy Pearce, Stephanie Simpson, Shevaun  Hogan

Melbourne Uni : Emma Kearney, Nicola Stevens, Cecilia McIntosh, Alicia Eva, Bronwyn McGorlick, Ashley Bye

It was a cold, wet, miserable day at Melbourne University Oval for the Round 4 clash between the Muggers and Falcs. Spectators would have been forgiven for thinking they had turned up to an A-league match, rather than an AFL one, where the ball was kicked along the ground just as much, if not more, than in the air. Possessions, marks and goals were hard to come by, making it a scruffy, low scoring affair.

The Muggers hit the ground running. With club legend Bronwyn McGorlick’s 200th game spurring them on, Melbourne Uni penetrated their forward line quickly and converted truly twice in the first quarter. Unable to answer, the Falcon’s backline was under pressure, not to mention under water and the quarter time break was exactly what was needed to re-group.

The Falcons quickly adjusted to the conditions in the second quarter and started to get some flow into their forward line. Shaz converted twice, due to her strong leading and accurate kicking from her team mates. Goals were hard to come by, but with some smooth skills from the onballers in tricky conditions and persistent roving and ball movement by the forwards, the Falcs kicked five unanswered goals in the second quarter and put themselves well and truly back in control of the game.

The conditions after half time did not improve and instead of again raining goals for the Falcs, it just rained. And rained. Tempers boiled over, and with a 50 metre penalty awarded against Melbourne, Darebin had an opportunity to put real score board pressure on the Muggers. It was not to be, and the turnaround stung Darebin with the Muggers hitting the scoreboard instead. Another 25 metre penalty against Melbourne due to a courageous stand by (and subsequent pummelling to) Bibby still couldn’t help the Falc’s and they themselves could only manage one behind this quarter. At three quarter time, it was clear this was going to finish in a battle of defenses.

By the last quarter, someone had substituted the football for a medicine ball with a magnet inside it, and the boundary line! It was unsociable football that called for both teams to stand strong in their defense and work hard in their forward lines. Both teams did this well, but neither could capitalise on the scoreboard. Woody was exceptional around the ground, appearing to be the only player not affected by the slippery conditions, whilst Daisy, Hammo and Shivs continued to do what they do best, and just kept getting the ball, the bumps and the clearances. A tough game for all involved and a great effort to come away with the win!