Round 3: Darebin Falcons vs St Kilda


Premier Division

Darebin                                 9.3,  16.3,  18.9,  28.10  (178)?

St Kilda                                0.0,  1.1,  2.2,  2.2  (14)??

GOALS, Darebin  : Jane Lange 6, Lauren Arnell 4, Daisy Pearce 4, Jessica Dal Pos 3, Nicole Callinan 2, Sharon Roussos 2, ?Alicia Reivers 2, Sarah Hammond 1, Samantha Smith 1, Stephanie Simpson 1, Alana Wearne 1, Tracy Ashby 1?St Kilda : Penny Cula-Reid 2??

BEST, Darebin  : Sarah Hammond, Shevaun  Hogan, Daisy Pearce, Aasta O’Connor, Stephanie Simpson, Lauren Arnell?St Kilda : Claire Heffernan, Jessica Humphries, Genia Avram, Zoe Manning, Tammy Norquay, Claire Imray

Round 3, a home game, and yet another perfect day for football. Unfortunately, it was not a perfect week for the Falcons, with the infamous “Falcon’s Flu”, (or a variation on the theme), forcing some senior players out of the team and others playing a little underdone. To compensate, some exciting “ins” for the Falcons saw Jane Lange’s return to football in 2012, and an old familiar face pulling on the jersey, in Carly McCorkell. Both players played like they’d never been out, albeit with poor preparation by Jane, who clearly needed a hair cut pre-game! With an impressive bag of 6 under her belt, she was forgiven this oversight!

The instructions from Richo from the first bounce were clear. “Play our game style and practice what we need to get right”. With the depth of the team again tested this week, the Falcons once more proved versatile and resilient in the face of adversity. The match itself quickly got away from the Sharks. Unable to make an impact on the scoreboard in the first quarter, the Falcons pounced, and went into the quarter time break 9 unanswered goals up.

With JC and Kimmy out, Gemma and KD injured during the match, and Shaz dedicated to the forward line, the back line continuously rotated its set up. Shivs, Coutta, Darcy and Bibby all took varying responsibilities with Dani chopping in and out of the ruck for Aasta. The Falcon’s midfield again proved far too superior for the opposition with an impressive display from Loz, Hammo, Daisy and Jess. Here, too, the team proved versatile with 12 separate goal scorers this week (an improvement on the 9 from last week).

By the last quarter, the Falcons were able to take control of the match and dictate the style of football played. A massive 10 goal haul in the last quarter was reflective of the ease with which the midfield cleared the ball. The Falcon’s forwards presented well all day, with the likes of Hollywood, Stepho, Wearney and Shags all getting clean and effective hands on the ball. Support from Sammy, Trashie and Nik around the spillages topped off an impressive day’s use of the ball.

In the end, a comfortable win by the Falcons, with some very pleasing displays of versatility and dedication to the ball. A lot to look forward to Falcon’s, well done.

Premier Reserves


Darebin                                 5.0,  9.6,  13.10,  16.12  (108)?

St Kilda                                1.0,  1.0,  1.0,  1.0  (6)??

GOALS, Darebin  : Louise Potter 6, Kathy Zacharopoulos 3, Rebecca Hickmott 2, Alexis Carydis 1, Victoria  Pettit 1, Alanna Porter 1, Tamara Mifka 1, Kate Scodellaro 1?

St Kilda : Sarah Watkins 1??

BEST, Darebin  : Kate Scodellaro, Anna Brown, Rebecca Hickmott, Tamara Mifka, Taryn Escreet, Alanna Porter?

St Kilda : Clara Wadsworth, Sarah Watkins, Nicole Barwick, Ellie George-Brimson, Emily Byrne, Nicole Formosa

After the hard fought loss of round 2 against Berwick, the Darebin Reserves were determined to go into the game against St Kilda strong. With a good training session and warm up behind them they did this with much success.

With solid midfielders, the usual suspects Tory, Zachy and Spanner, the first clearance of the game came the Falcons way, delivering a great set up for goal. Potter, at full forward kicked the first of many that would spark efforts for a top first quarter. St Kilda found it hard to penetrate the Falcons strong line of defense thanks to the likes of Soxy, Lil Nik, Lexi, Taz and Hamlet. The midfield clearances kept coming the Falcons’ way leaving us striding ahead at quarter time.

The second quarter brought more success. Goal kickers Miff and Bec stepped up to the table kicking some brilliant goals in the forward line. Best on ground Tyndall played with great determination and passion becoming a great clearance and transition player out of the backline.

After half time the Falcons once again hit the game hard. The ball spent a lot of time locked into our forward line thanks to the great positioning and determination of midfielders and forward line players. More goal kickers came into action including Lexi, moving up from the backline, Layna, Kate and Tory.

During the last quarter Falcons kept up their hard work extending the lead. St Kilda managed to get more action down in their forward line but with such great defenders in our backline not much got passed them. A great team effort left Darebin victorious by the final siren. Well done Falcons.