Falcons-Logo-full-colourIt was a beautiful Autumn Saturday at AH Capp Reserve, but the Falcons got off to a slow start. The Falcons kicked the first goal, but Berwick struck straight back with a goal of their own snapped from the centre square. Both teams went goal for goal in the first term, with the Falcons overusing the ball and struggling to take marks in the forward line.


After a quarter time rev-up from Mick and Macca, the Falcons burst out of the blocks kicking ten unanswered goals, with the backline repelling anything that crossed into the defensive half. Tory was everywhere, taking marks under pressure, with Woody and Shivers cutting up their opposition, creating opportunities out of nothing. In their first game in the Seniors, Tall-Carly-Mc led well into space, taking marks and hitting up targets and Til ran and chased hard all game.


In the second half, the Falcons pre-season work became apparent, running out the game with vigor. Captain for the day Aasta rucked all game, giving the midfield first use of the ball, taking contested marks and kicking a bag of long goals. A great team effort.


Special Mentions:

–       Randy, for smothering the ball with only the tip of her finger.

–       Shivers, for head-butting Jane in her privates.


Premier Division

Darebin                                 4.4,  14.8,  19.11,  23.18  (156)
Berwick                                 4.0,  4.0,  5.1,  7.3  (45)

GOALS, Darebin: Aasta O’Connor 7, Georgia  Hammond 4, Jane Lange 2, Taryn Escreet 2, Alisha Habib 2, Shevaun  Hogan 1, 
Carly McClen 1, Sommer Portway 1, Tracy Ashby 1, Victoria  Pettit 1, Stephanie Simpson 1
Berwick: Lauren Chalkley 2, Michaela Manning 1, Alana Woodward 1, Rhiannon Horne 1, Jessica   Hurd 1, Shellyce Ryan 1