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Darebin Falcons Vs Berwick

Seniors Match Report: Dani

Reserves Match Report: Kate

Premier Division


Darebin                                 5.7,  7.11,  10.15,  18.16 (124)?

Berwick                                 1.2,  3.2,  5.4,  7.4  (46)??

GOALS: Darebin: Kristen Douglas 5, Daisy Pearce 3, Tracy Ashby 2, Sharon Roussos 2, Stephanie Simpson 2, Darcy Vescio 1, Sam Smith 1, Aasta O’Connor 1, Nicole Callinan 1?

Berwick: S. Brown 2, B. Jakobsson 2, s. cutting , S. Carlson , M. Manning

BEST: Darebin: Aasta O’Connor, Shevaun  Hogan, Sarah Hammond, Lauren Arnell, Kristen Douglas, Stephanie Simpson?

Berwick: A. Woodward, A. Fennell, A. Buchan, C. Freemen, B. Jakobsson, G. Punton


It was a glorious April Sunday that saw the Falcons excited to play their first home match against Berwick. With an intense Friday night training session under their belts and the sting from last week’s loss to St Alban’s driving them, the Falcs were determined to start strong.


And start strong they did. Three quick goals in succession from centre clearances saw the Falcons immediately take charge of the game. It was a trend that would continue for the start of each quarter. Berwick found it hard to make forward entries, with the likes of (Best on Ground) Shivs, Dani, JC and Gemma all providing a solid wall of defence across the backline. Bibby, in her first game in the Seniors was impressive as well, attacking the ball with flair and weaving her way out of trouble. With a 5 goal to 1 first term, Berwick would find it hard to hit back from there.


The second quarter contest evened up a little with Berwick making more of an impact around the ground and on the score board. But it was still no match for the impressive power of the Falcons midfield, who, through Aasta’s rucking and Hammo’s roving, dominated the centre clearances. Their delivery into the forward line, saw the likes of Shaz, Daisy and new found forward KD, all scoring multiple majors.


The Falcon’s dominance continued into the last half with some superb individual and team efforts. Gemma has most likely already claimed mark and tackle of the year, with Steph’s set shot from the boundary line clinching goal of the year! Special mention to Darcy’s attempt at goal, with what can only be described as a backward, inside-out, reverse, banana scissor kick from close range.


With some impressive switch play from the backline, Richo’s request to finish the game with more goals than behinds, came to fruition, with an 8 goal 1 last quarter. With Shaz’s ability to fit into the ruck when needed, the 9 individual goal scorers, and solid support from reserves BOG, Kate, on the bench, the depth and strength of the team is looking onerous. Well done Falcons.


Premier Division Reserves

Berwick                                 4.3,  7.4,  9.5,  9.5  (59)?

Darebin                                 2.2,  4.5,  4.7,  7.8  (50)?

GOALS: Berwick  : Lauren Chalkley 2, Erin Smith 1, Natalie Belcher 1, Rebecca Ainsworth 1, Cherie Charles 1

Darebin: Catherine Benning 2, Cath Rees 1, Victoria  Pettit 1, Louise Potter 1, Tamara Mifka 1, Kate Scodellaro 1

BEST: Berwick  : Jenna Ralph, Jade Galliot, Melinda Cottrell, Samantha Dobson, Leanne Piper

Darebin: Kate Scodellaro, Til Van Riel, Rebecca Hickmott, Anna Brown, Kathy Zacharopoulos, Victoria  Pettit

While Sunday the 29th of April presented itself as a “perfect day for football”, the Falcons Reserves were unable to replicate the success of last season’s preliminary final against the Berwick Hawks.

A quick Darebin goal in the first quarter appeared promising. This was facilitated by excellent communication between Zachy, Tory and Spanner in the midfield as well as great attack on the ball from wingers Tilly and Benno. Berwick’s strategy to run in waves, however, soon turned the tables. Strong body work from Soxy and talk from Nik and Cassie created a number of clearances from the backline. Very impressively, Elisa showed her natural ability, beating two Berwick players to the ball in her first ever contest. Despite this, the forward motion and teamwork from the Hawks proved difficult to stop, and from a number of close shots on goal the Hawks took the lead. Kate was phenomenal again, both in the ruck and when she pushed up forward.

The second quarter showed much improvement. The return of Potter at full forward lifted both the confidence and morale of the Falcons. Irene once again showed courage, putting her body on the line to make a number of stoppages along the boundary. Hamlet’s smother in the forward line allowed the ball to be locked in, eventually resulting in a goal. Gunners also demonstrated her commitment to her team mates, sprinting the length of the field to make a shepherd. And despite a groin injury, Mif was once again in goal kicking form. Although Tory’s ability to bomb the ball long in the forward provided Darebin with more scoring opportunities than the Hawks, Berwick’s accuracy on goal extended their lead.

After half time, the Falcons struggled to get the ball through the big sticks, and a hamstring injury for Sommer created a big loss for the midfield. While the Falcon’s talk and shepherding had lifted, Berwick’s ability to attack the ball in two and threes meant players were outnumber in contests around the ground.

In the final quarter, the Reserves had had enough. Determined to return to true Falcons style, the team vowed that they would win the quarter. Strong leads from Potter at full forward resulted in a goal, and her strategic kick to Kate in the goal square shortened Berwick’s lead. Cath once again showed her prowess in both the forward and backline, her hard attack on the ball resulting in another black eye. Fantastic contested marking efforts by Benno enabled her to become the leading goal-kicker for the team, and Lexi’s hands from behind play kept the ball out of Berwick’s hotspot. Constant backing up from Hamlet allowed Bec to consistently make turn arounds from the backline, keeping the Hawks scoreless. Just as the Falcons looked like a chance, the siren went, resulting in a 9 point loss. While the Hawks were able to secure the win, the game provided not only an opportunity for new players to gain experience, but to also act as a source of motivation for rest of season.