seniors_2Round 13 – Premier Division: Darebin vs Scoresby


On a miserable day, with arctic winds, thumping rain and an aggressive opposition, the Falcons managed to pull off a convincing win at AH Capp Reserve.

The Falcons set up the game immediately, with Habs kicking the first of ten opening-term goals. The midfield was dominant, moving the ball swiftly to the Falcons’ advantage, giving the forwards plenty of opportunities.




In the second quarter, the heavens opened and free-flowing play became a challenge. Despite our hands being dipped in Grippo, the sodden football was incredibly difficult to mark. This didn’t bother Loz however, who kicked an impossible goal from the pocket. After half time and a dreadful knock to the knee, KD came back on the ground to kick a great goal, and the Falcons continued their attack. Woody, for the second week in a row, snapped a fantastic goal from the forward pocket.

The final quarter opened with a quick flurry of Falcons’ goals. Kimmy lead well up forward, taking strong marks and converting truly. Roey’s fantastic bodywork led to a beautiful mark and another goal. The Falcons ran out the game comfortable winners.

Well done to all the Reserves players, Taz, Sommer and Aleisha R, who all played fantastic games.


Things we learnt today:


  • Coutta is making a play for first ruckwoman. She knows the numbers and everything. This unfortunately, caused Daisy to become paralysed by shock, squealing ‘Oh Coutta Wow!’ and forgetting to go after the ball.

  • If a she-mountain attempts to tackle Jane, she will squeal like a piglet.

  • Hammo’s sporting skills are not restricted to football – she completed a perfect volleyball dig out of the centre.

  • Hammo cannot buy a free kick for head high contact, even when her opponent freezes in position with Hammo in a headlock, just to make sure the umpire got it.

  • The best way to avoid a JC tackle is head first and through her legs. Ahem.

  • Daisy doesn’t accept apologies.

  • Do not mess with Taz and her death-stare.

  • How many Falcons does it take to get a peg out?




Darebin                        10.4,  13.10,  17.13,  24.17 (161)

Scoresby                       0.1,  1.1,  2.1,  2.1  (13)

GOALS, Darebin : Jane Lange 4, Daisy Pearce 3, Lauren Arnell 3, Natalie Wood 2, Aasta O’Connor 2, Taryn Escreet 2, Alisha Habib 2, Kristen Douglas 1, Emma Kerry 1, Alana Wearne 1, Shevaun  Hogan 1, Sommer Portway 1, Kathleen Roe 1 Scoresby : Hayley Anderson 2

BEST, Darebin : Daisy Pearce, Lauren Arnell, Kathleen Roe, Sarah Hammond, Jane Lange, Aasta O’Connor Scoresby : Amy McCormack, Hayley Anderson, Kaea Tua, Brei Abbott, Lauren Costello, Sherie Wood