HarrietRound 12 – Darebin Falcons vs Diamond Creek

Premier Reserves

From the first bounce the Falcons had control of the ball and the game. Kicking into the wind, they unfortunately opened their scoring with five behinds. But with Til applying great pressure, smothering and tackling, and Alicia Reivers winning the contested ball, it was only a matter of time until the Falcons made an impression on the scoreboard. Captain Bec roved the footy off a ball-up in the forward pocket, ran around a couple of Creekers to improve the angle, and kicked the first goal of the day. Tory then put on a show, snapping a great goal, setting up Alicia Reivers for the next and then blitzing down the wing, giving off a quick 1-2, and finally, kicking another goal on the run.




The second quarter opened with a first in Falcons’ history, after easily shrugging off a tackle, Buckets handballed to Sommer in the forward pocket, who then slotted through a goal on a tight angle. Til’s hard work on the wing then led to Buckets’ second goal-assist of her entire football career, as she took a great mark on the lead, and then kicked to Bec who converted.  Tory’s great run out of the middle then set up a Bec/Sommer combo for Bec’s third first-half goal.  The Falcons’ backline was impenetrable as usual, with Roi leading by example, taking some great marks and setting up the team’s attack forward. Kate impressed in her first game with the Falcons, and slotted her first goal. After a tough contest in front of goal, she then set up a play through Sommer to Buckets for a great snap.  Buckets then, with some strong body work, drew a free and kicked her second goal. The Falcons forward pressure continued, with Gemma chasing down a Creeker defender and being paid a free for holding the ball. She then converted on a difficult angle.

The Falcons continued their dominance in the second half. Potter swapped some forwards and backliners to share in the opportunities. Tory broke through the pack and delivered skillfully to Aliesha Mclean who kicked truly. Soxie’s huge punch forward from a ruck contest on the 50m arc set up Michelle for a great goal on the run.

In the final quarter, Buckets persisted up forward, taking strong, contested marks and kicking truly for goal. Tory ,Til and Trashby continued their skillful delivery into the forward line.  Til set up Roi for a beautiful goal from a tight angle in the pocket and then gathered the ball in the pocket to kick a huge goal herself. A fantastic performance on a blustery day!

Darebin                        4.9,  11.11,  17.16,  23.22  (160)

Diamond Creek                          0.0,  0.0,  0.1,  0.1  (1)

GOALS, Darebin : J. Boyle 5, V. Pettit 3, R. Hickmott 3, M. Hennessy 2, G. Anderson 1, T. Ashby 1, S. Portway 1, A. Reivers 1, A. McLean 1, T. Van Riel 1, S. Roussos 1, N. Duckstein 1, R. Boutsikakis 1, K. Scodellaro 1

BEST, Darebin : T. Ashby, V. Pettit, N. Kinross, S. Portway, A. Reivers, S. Roussos Diamond Creek : Z. Slatter, D. Rosella, C. Merbis, B. Wolfe, M. Purvis, M. Marsh

Premier Division


On an overcast day at Plenty War Memorial Park, the Falcons took on a depleted Diamond Creek side. The Creekers got off to a great start, making use of the wind advantage to kick over the top of the Falcons to the run of their forwards, and converting. The Falcons, however, quickly adjusted to the wind and to the Creekers’ game plan, kicking the ball into an overhanging tree to chew up the home team’s time with the wind.

Despite some messy possessions and transitions, the Falcons managed to hold the Creekers scoreless in the second term. Jane provided strong leads and contested marks up forward, earning her a Diamond Creek cheer-squad. Rechelle, in her first game in the Seniors, applied plenty of pressure and huge bumps, continually put in first, second, third efforts, and was rewarded with her first goal at Premier Level for her troubles.

After the half-time break, the Falcons’ form improved, cleaning up their sloppy use of the ball. They dominated the play in the third quarter but could only manage 3 goals from 10 scoring opportunities. Tory, in her second game of the day, provided great spoils and defensive pressure, hassling the opposition. Woody ran hard all day, as usual, and kicked arguably the goal of the year from the forward pocket.

The Falcons’ standard of play improved consistently throughout the game. In the final term, Macca gave the backliners some opportunities up forward and vice-versa.  The Falcons ran away with the game in the last quarter, commanding the play and providing the opportunity for great snaps for goal from Hammo and Alicia Rievers. A great performance!


Darebin                        4.3,  8.6,  11.13,  17.18  (120)

Diamond Creek                          2.3,  2.3,  2.4,  3.5  (23)

GOALS, Darebin : J. Lange 4, N. Wood 2, D. Pearce 2, S. Hammond 2, A. Schwager 1, L. Arnell 1, A. Reivers 1, K. Douglas 1, A. O’Connor 1, R. McSwain 1, S. Smith 1 Diamond Creek : A. Saxton 1, B. Grech 1, T. Hetherington 1

BEST, Darebin : N. Wood, S. Hammond, A. O’Connor, K. Roe, L. Arnell, S. Hogan Diamond Creek : A. Barden, R. Gray, D. Haines, B. Richmond, K. Hicks, T. Ashley