The Falcons took on the Spurs at St Albans this week. Check here for full match reports…..




Falcons Reserves

The extremely depleted Falcon outfit of 17 took the field on a great day for football. St Albans got a rare jump on the Falcons with 3 quick goals in the first quarter. With some bad injuries the side was down to only 15 in the first quarter and had to struggle on throughout the game. However, a quarter time rev up by coach Potter, ignited the Falcons to spread their wings and soar. Holding St Albans goalless in the third term resulted from much hard running by all members of the Schwagaggle. With 5 minutes to go the game was on the line with St Albans only trailing by 1 point. It was time for a star to make their stamp on the game, and it was Taz who stood up. She made a great run through the middle and then pinpointed Bradders who put through the match winning goal.

Special Mentions:

Sommer and Jenna, for getting hurt and leaving only 15 players on the field…….thanks guys.

To Tam and Bec for playing a full game in the 2’s and then stepping up to the ones.

For Trigger for fitting back into her footy shorts.


Darebin                                 0.6,  2.10,  5.11,  6.12  (48) 
VU St Albans                            4.1,  4.1,  4.4,  6.4  (40)

GOALS, Darebin : Kim Bradley 4, Tammy Curtis 1, Rebecca Hickmott 1 
VU St Albans : Ash Stafford 2, Haley Sanders 1, Katie Lambeski 1, Samantha Romeo 1, Erin Davenport 1

BEST, Darebin : Cath Rees, Tammy Curtis, Kristy Carbis, Tracey Mitchell, Taryn Escreet, Sharon Roussos 
VU St Albans : Belinda Green, Haley Sanders, Bridget Caddy, Ash Stafford, Jasmin Jenkinson, Alexandra Brown


Falcons Seniors

The team travelled to St Albans for a much anticipated hard match, knowing that the Spurs always play well at their home ground. It showed that it was a pressure game when Chinny did extra work in the warm up (very rare). The first quarter was a close tussle, with only 7 points in it at the break.

THe second quarter saw the girls making much more space and with Sammy almost taking mark of the year there was plenty to get excited about.

The third quarter saw the backline star, with Chinny, Carly, Naz, Hickey, Kimmy and Coutta stopping everything that came down there.

With some breathing space, the last quarter saw some great running and silky skills, especially from Zachy, Aasta, Hickey and Lozza. Some polished shots on goal from Tam and Jane we ended the game on a high note.

Special Mentions: To Hickey for wearing a small child’s shorts.

To Sammy for showing everyone how to get some quality air.

To Daisy for thinking it was easter a couple of months too early.

To Chinny for standing on Kimmy’s hand with her STOMPS.

To Potter for being sacked from goal umpiring.

And to Coutta for a pinpoint pass into the forward line and pushing the selection team for a starting spot at Centre Half Forward.


Darebin                                 2.5,  5.8,  9.11,  15.14  (104) 
VU St Albans                            1.4,  1.5,  3.6,  3.8  (26)

GOALS, Darebin : Jane Lange 4, Kathy Zacharopoulos 2, Tammy Curtis 2, Shevaun  Hogan 1, Melissa Hickey 1, Rebecca Hickmott 1, 
Daisy Pearce 1, Lauren Arnell 1, Anna Schwager 1, Samantha Smith 1 
VU St Albans : Amanda Walsh 1, Belinda Hateley 1, Debbie Lee 1

BEST, Darebin : Kathy Zacharopoulos, Emma Kerry, Stephanie Simpson, Sarah Hammond, Melissa Hickey, Jane Lange 
VU St Albans : Debbie Lee, Lauren Senserrick, Belinda Miggiani, Belinda Hateley, Amy Catterall, Shannessy Adams