1s_and_2s_2010The Falcons continue on their winning way with two fantastic wins against the East Burwood Devils.



East Burwood were looking to avenge their shock loss to Berwick from last week. The start of the game saw the Falcons dominate with the wind, but not really convert on the scoreboard. With a lack lustre second quarter, Pete gave us a real rev up, telling us to go harder at the contest.

The second 1/2 saw a marked improvement in our determination, which in turn seemed to open up the whole ground.

A solid performance by Hickey, Carly, Zachy and Aasta highlighted a good team performance.

With the return of Habs and KD next week, there are sure to be a few headaches at the selection table, with a full compliment to pick from.


Special Mentions:

To Joslyn for locking herself in and Zachy out of the car.

To Hammo’s 85 points, next time try the big sticks.

To Chinny for kicking the football not just out of bounds, but out of the ground. I think the ball was last seen rolling down the Burwood Highway.

To Emma ‘Bobbypin’ Kerry for being sent off and blaming Mel Hickey.

For Stepho for goal of the year in the third quarter, with a ripper from the forward pocket.

To Woody for coming off after a heavy knock to her ladyparts. All the best for a speedy recovery.

Darebin 5.8, 7.10, 13.15, 19.17 (131)

East Burwood 0.2, 3.7, 4.11, 6.16 (52)


GOALS, Darebin : Jane Lange 5, Aasta O’Connor 3, Anna Schwager 2, Lauren Arnell 2, Melissa Hickey 1, Stephanie Simpson 1,

Samantha Smith 1, Tammy Curtis 1, Daisy Pearce 1, Sarah Hammond 1, Kathy Zacharopoulos 1

East Burwood : Wynonna Cuthbertson 4, Ashlea Vanderstadt 1, Stephanie Walding 1


BEST, Darebin : Melissa Hickey, Daisy Pearce, Sarah Hammond, Miranda Spain, Shevaun Hogan, Jane Lange

East Burwood : Stephanie Walding, Wynonna Cuthbertson, Lou Wotton, Lucy Bourke, Meg Hutchins, Fahy Phan



It was a great day for football as Darebin took a full side to East Burwood in a top of the table clash. The sun was shining, birds singing, and Carbs won the toss giving the team use of the very strong breeze in the first quarter. East Burwood jumped out of the blocks and the Falcons knew they were in for a tough, contested match. The midfield stood up but unfortunately we did not capitalise on our opportunities, with the wind contributing to our inaccurate goal kicking.

At quarter time , Potter implored the team to take their time and hit up targets as the second quarter was going to be extremely tough defending against the wind. East Burwood’s hunger for the ball helped them get to contests first causing the Falcons headaches, kicking 2 goals. The Falcon’s finally clicked into gear, kicking another two goals into the wind and playing great defensive footy.

At half time, the game was still up for grabs and the Falcon’s had to take advantage of the breeze. This still proved difficult, however, the pressure applied by the girls kept the Devils goalless in the second half. This was due to some awesome work by Taryn, Alisha, and Alisha. The Falcons finally notched a hard earned win against a definite finals contender.


Special Mentions:

The “Richo Revolution” continues with Taz out of the forward line and playing up on the wind.

The injured Falcons, continuing to make their returns.

Ocre for her first ever shot on goal.

Crystals precision passing from the pocket to Tammy.

Eliza’s big smother!!!! Stopping East Burwood’s last chance.

Our two new Falcons, Evie and Chop, for embracing their new found Falconness.

Darebin 2.8, 4.9, 6.13, 7.16 (58)

East Burwood 1.0, 3.1, 3.1, 3.2 (20)


GOALS, Darebin : Taryn Escreet 2, Tammy Curtis 2, Jessica Hill 1, Cath Rees 1, Sommer Portway 1

East Burwood : Catherine Arlove 1, Brooke Fox 1, Shannon Young 1


BEST, Darebin : Tracy Ashby, Aliesha McLean, Taryn Escreet, Rebecca Hickmott, Tammy Curtis, Cath Rees