MaddyPremier Reserves

On another windy day, Darebin took on Sunbury at the massive ground at Clarke Oval. The Falcons lost the toss but had the wind for the first quarter and dominated possession. A quick handball from Bec gave Taryn the first major but the goals were hard to come by for the Falcons, who kicked a disappointing amount of behinds. Layna, in what was the beginning of a sensational performance, gathered the ball on the half forward flank, weaved around several opponents and hit up Shaz in front of goal who converted successfully. Despite the Falcons dominance a quick transition from Sunbury gave them their first goal from a set shot.




At the quarter time huddle, Potter implored her players to be more disciplined in their approach to goal and then took her frustration out on the drink bottles. The Falcons took the criticism to heart and Coutta took the challenge into her own gloves, kicking two second quarter goals. Also, congratulations to Alexis on her first goal with the grown up Falcons!  

After half time and with the wind behind them again, the Falcons took advantage of their opportunities. Trashby kicked a great goal on her trusty left, and Matty slotted one through on a tough angle. After a couple more Falcons goals, Sunbury’s frustrations reared their ugly head. Aleisha Mclean found herself getting slapped across the face for trying to break up a fight and the ump explained he awarded the free kick to the slapper ‘to calm her down’! Cassie, after already being called loose by Potter at half time, then got caught in a Mexican standoff whilst the ball was still in play. With emotions running high, the Falcons remained disciplined, going into the last term 65 points up.     

After a woeful first quarter in terms of accuracy, the Falcons discipline ensured they kicked only 4 behinds for the rest of the game. The last quarter saw Sunbury get more possession of the ball, but the Falcons backline kept the pressure on the home-team, who couldn’t find the big sticks. A great win in difficult conditions!  


Darebin                        2.10,  5.12,  10.13,  10.14 (74)?

Sunbury                        1.0,  1.2,  1.2,  1.8  (14)??

GOALS, Darebin : Taryn Escreet 2, Diana Coutts 2, Rebecca Hickmott 1, Alanna PORTER 1, Matilda Keynes 1, Ochre Shaw 1, Tracy Ashby 1, Alexis Carydis 1 Sunbury : Catriona Goldsworthy 1

BEST, Darebin : Alanna PORTER, Taryn Escreet, Aliesha McLean, Rebecca Hickmott, Harriet Radermacher, Matilda Keynes Sunbury : Kara Sleigh, Jaimee-Lee Wilson, Brooke McIntyre, Gemma Hargreaves, Tina Caia, Brooke Surgeon