Premier and Premier Reserves Results Round 1


After last year’s disappointing grand final thrashing and under the guidance of new senior coach Richard Dal Pos, the Falcons were keen to take the field at Kings Park Reserve. There were plenty of new faces on the ground with Dani, Shaz and Gemma moving in the team from last year’s Reserves, and new recruits Darcy and Nic taking to the ground.  

            It was a less than perfect start with St Albans pouncing early with a couple of quick snaps for goal. The Falcons regrouped and had plenty of the ball, but struggled to put points on the board. The Spurs used their opportunities well and slotted another couple before the Falcons’ hard work was finally rewarded with a classy goal from Sammy.

            There were plenty of positives to come out of the second quarter where the Falcons managed to dominate in periods and it was great to see the girls starting to implement some of the changes we have been working on so far this year. Wearney kicked a couple of great goals and we went into the break having outscored the Spurs for a quarter.  

            The second half was almost a complete mirror of the first with the Spurs moving the ball quickly into their forward to kick another couple. The Falcons again managed to hold up the play, with Roey slotting a goal from a difficult set shot (and with a broken arm). The Falcons were far from beaten at the contests, but our inability to move the ball quickly into the forward line and convert is a challenge for future games.

            Alicia Reivers presented well all day at centre half-forward and provided some good contests around the ground.  Both Nic and Darcy showed their class already and they will continue to grow into valuable assets to the team. Despite the loss, the pressure, skills and application on display meant that all there felt they had seen a fantastic game of footy.

VU St Albans                            4.3,  5.3,  7.6,  8.8  (56)

Darebin                                 1.2,  3.5,  4.5,  4.5  (29)

GOALS, VU St Albans: Kylie Nicolaci 3, Jasmine Garner 2, Amy Catterall 1, Emily Smith 1, Debbie Lee 1
Darebin: Alana Wearne 2, Kathleen Roe 1, Samantha Smith 1

BEST, VU St Albans: Kara Donnellan, Lauren Senserrick, Jen Plumb, Kaz Paxman, Bree White, Debbie Lee
Darebin: Aasta O’Connor, Shevaun  Hogan, Daisy Pearce, Alicia Reivers, Sarah Hammond, Nicole Callinan


 It was a new and inexperienced team that pulled on the boots at Kings Park, St Albans on Saturday for the Grand Final rematch.  The Falcon reserves were excited to kick off the season under new coach and Falcon royalty Roi (Doola) Boutsikakos, supported by Premiership coach Louise Potter; and welcomed the return of veteran superstar Kathy Zacharopoulos. It was a new-look team after many 2011 premiership winning Reserves earnt a call-up to play with the Seniors and some new recruits entered the fray. Welcome to Catherine Benning, Irene Toh, Melissa Bibby, Alberta Gunner, Cassandra Bonython, Julia Williams and Tamara Mifka. Congratulations to Bec Hickmott who returns as captain.

             From the first bounce the Falcon team worked hard to keep the ball predominantly in the forward line, but were unable to capitalize on the scoreboard. Bec Hickmott was solid and an ever-present target and had plenty of support from Miff, Jules, Gunners, Irene and Cassie. Falcons stalwarts Lil Nik, Eliza, Spanna and Cath, along with first gamer Bibby, worked hard in defense to ensure that all St Albans attacks on goal were thwarted. Tory was exceptional on the wing, providing plenty of run and class into the attacking half.

?            The third quarter was the turning point in the game with 4 goals scored pushing the lead to 31. After Soxy worked tirelessly in the first half, she was moved forward to become another strong marking option. Kate took over in the ruck, demonstrating strong aptitude for this position. Cath Rees, so strong in her surprise role at full back, returned home to her much loved forward line, scoring 4 goals. 

?            Everyone contributed with spirit to a great team game with strong tackling and shepherding by Tilly, Sommer and Bibby, great endeavor on the ball by Layna and Benno and sweet skills out of the centre by Zachy. Irene was a constant threat around goals and all the Falcons forwards worked hard to keep the ball in the forward 50, to create scoring opportunities.

?            A great first game win for Roi and a team that will continue to grow in confidence and spirit as players get the opportunity to spend more time together and continue sharing their love of the game. 

Darebin                                 1.5,  2.8,  6.9,  9.11  (65)

VU St Albans                            1.1,  1.2,  2.2,  5.2  (32)

GOALS, Darebin: Cath Rees 4, Victoria  Pettit 1, Alanna Porter 1, Tamara Mifka 1, Rebecca Hickmott 1, Kathy Zacharopoulos 1
VU St Albans : Alana Bell 2, Samantha Radlof 1, Ebyon Hassan 1, Emma Shortis 1

BEST, Darebin: Victoria  Pettit, Kathy Zacharopoulos, Kate Scodellaro, Anna Brown, Rebecca Hickmott, Catherine Benning
VU St Albans: Emma Shortis, Samantha Radlof, Shannessy Adams, Alana Bell, Caroline Johnson, Sophie Findlay