Darebin Women’s Sports Club hosted the Falcons Player Review on Friday night. For some great photos and a write up of the acts,


The player review was the most anticipated event for the year. After the unbelievable popularity of Chionce and Louonce’s rendition of all the single ladies last year, everyone was wondering what they would come out with this year.


The night started with some very well dressed Bee Gee’s pumping out the dance moves to Staying Alive. The white pants and the sensational beards were a stand out.


Next up was Kath and Kim meet the Falcons (Video). This had the crowd in fits of laughter as Kim and Sharon decided to come down and join the Falcons. Kim was less than interested in the rough and tumble of footy, and unfortunately for Sharon, nobody wanted to play with her.


The next act was an episode of Bush (the more popular version of Rush). Again the episode was filmed largely around the Falcons footy side, with mob boss Chinny using the club as a Clan lab and finally burning the club rooms down. It was a good thing that the Inspector, Detective Whataskank, and Scar face Josh were there.


Then came Justine Bieber was a modifed version of Baby Baby. Justine started off with some great dodgem car talk at the start, but her stint in rehab, perhaps should have lasted longer.


A group rendition of I Will Survive came next. Some of the funniest lyrics would have to be young Tilly telling everyone that she has ‘one more lung to give’, there was bound to be plenty of laughs from the crowd.




Michael Jackson rose from the dead to make one last appearance wooed the audience with a chilling rendition of Man in the Mirror. I think that the tape on the fingertips and white socks with black pants just finished off what was a fantastic performance. One many never thought they would see again.


Justin Bieber then made a second appearance for the night, firstly in an acoustic setting and then really rocking it out. With plenty of Beiber fans in the audience, they were screaming for more.


And finally, the act that everyone was waiting for. With all the lights turned out, two high heeled figures draped in black capes strode across the floor. With the music “Bad Romance” pumping




out the speakers, the capes were thrown aside and with figure hugging silver spandex suits, matching head caps, and flashing hand and head lights, Chinny and Loui set about lighting up the stage. With some of the best dance moves seen on a dance floor, this side of Retro, the crowd could only cry for more.


After careful consideration from the judges, Chinny and Loui were crowned Champions for 2010 with Rossi (Michael Jackson) and Carly and Jane (Justin Bieber) coming in 2nd and 3rd place.



Well done to all the contestants, and to all the people that helped out on the night, especially Cassie who spent hours getting everything together.

A great night had by all.