The Darebin Womens Sports Club are sad to announce the passing of

Life Member Jodi Brown.




Jodi was one of the founding members of the club and worked tirelessly down at the club from 1990 until around 2004.


Jodi filled many rolls from goal umpire, committee member, treasurer, secretary and was instrumental in getting the clubs soccer program up and running.

Jodi was a great advocate for the club at VWFL level and did not hesitate to challenge the VWFL committee when decisions were made that were not favourable to the club.


Unfortunately Jodi had been unwell for the last 3 years, but continued to contribute and was one of the founding members of ‘Falcons Social and Support Network’.

Jodi’s illness and the support she received from past Falcons, initiated a conversation about the need for a group that can support both current and past members of the club who are going through a rough time.


By no means did Jodi feel that she did not have enough supports in place, but she recognised that many in our community do not have enough support when it is needed. 

Thanks largely to Jodi and the recently formulated ‘Falcons Social and Support Network’ she leaves behind a legacy that will continue to benefit the club for years to come.