Div 2 Round 2
Division 2
Falcons vs. Yarra Jets (away)
1 – 4
Falcons vs. Brunswick Zebras (home)
Following a slamsational debut in the first round the Division 2 Falcons found themselves unable to ground the Jets at Mayer Park this week. Unfortunately, the closest the team got to glory was a bangin header from Jo. Things didn’t go too badly in the first half. There were definitely a few feathers in the jet engines. However, as it turns out jet engines munch right through feathers and so the Jets munched through the rest of the match.
I think the Under 16s Falcons outshone their counterparts at home later in the day. The game had to be forfeited but a good old-fashioned friendly was still played. Despite a lack of subs and spending a large part of the game trailing the Brunswick Zebras, the Falcons held it together and the keepers, oh my gawd the keepers! Amelia and Ruby were BADASS*. 
In closing, soccer is a team sport requiring respect between team mates, referees, coaches, supporters and, in some cases, a mascot that makes you feel uncomfortable because you don’t know who’s trying to hug you. Sometimes you’ve just got to suck that hug up and play on.
*Badass means ‘skilled’ in the language of today’s youth.
P. MacKay

Division 3
Falcons vs. Melbourne Uni. SC (away)
0 – 4
It seemed like the whole of the Melbourne University students came down to play at the Division 3 match against our meagre 13 players on Sunday.  The organised warm-up drills of the Melbourne Uni team didn’t prepare them for the physical strength of the Falcons girls with the referee telling one of their young girls who hit the ground, “it’s not a foul – they’re just bigger and stronger than you are”.  Good call, ref.  A strong cross-wind gave Sally a stunning first half on the left wing but left her with little opportunity in the second half, whilst Sarah gave up left forward line to plant herself amongst the action toward the end of the game.  After two scores in the first half by the Melbourne Uni team, Melbourne Uni sealed the deal with a 4-0 win, despite Coach Sheila’s half-time conviction that the Falcons would come back with a 3-2 win.  With Nicola and Amy H out early on with injuries and no interchange for the Falcons, Sheila’s early second-half injury left her reasonably immobile but still able to shout her Irish mumble across the field.  Ingrid’s impressive commando rolls and the solid backline of Jess, Ruth and Staci gave Melbourne Uni a tough time to score with Amy R killing it in the goals.  Alas, with tired legs and injuries to boot, the Falcon girls’ final song should have been to the sea shanty, ‘way hey blow the man down, give me some time to blow the man down!’; though the score line wasn’t in our favour, the cohesiveness, determination and team-work of the Div 3 Falcons girls certainly gave Melbourne Uni a tough battle.

J. Sullivan