Womens Division 3
Falcons vs. Gisborne SC
1 – 8
Sunday was a day of firsts as we welcomed four new (three very new) players into the Div 3 side to front the Gisborne girls.  A few strong players in the Gisborne team pulled out some unbelievable goals to see them prevail with an 8-1 win, although possession seemed to be reasonably shared between both teams. Despite a lonely score, we still had reason to celebrate a fantastic goal. Sheila pelted a free kick from 30m into the goal which was deflected by the goalie. Then Chloe came from nowhere and with 3 defenders hot on her heels, flew in to pop the loose ball into the net for her first goal of the season.
Sheila became the best of friends with the referee, although it appeared somewhat one-sided as he hoisted the team’s first yellow card amidst her Irish gesticulations – tankfully (sic), he couldn’t understand everything she was saying (download this if you also have this problem: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kolordesign.android.irishslang&hl=en
Jasmine’s first game with the side saw a very solid addition to the back line whilst Molly at the other end of the field, spent her first game running every loose ball down, creating opportunities in the forward line. Caren and Angela’s first game also brought some fresh spirit to the team as they went hard into every contest but unfortunately, a late injury to Angela found her hobbling off the field from a forward play which I’m sure was destined to be her first goal.  Caren, Angela, Molly and Jasmine proved fantastic additions to our team – welcome girls!
Although we ended up with a convincing loss, the Falcons girls held it together throughout the game with a great team spirit and camaraderie mixed with a fair swag of good ‘ol fashioned fun. In the words of the New Kids on the Block, we had “the right stuff” but might just be missing some of those NKOTB moves from our game.
J. Sullivan
Womens Division 2
Falcons vs. North Geelong Warriors SC
0 – 2
So, we didn’t win but you know what? When they said Bring it we brought it all over their faces. It was undeniably a team on team event for the entire first half. No goals, but definitely some electricity in the air (or maybe that’s just what air feels like in Geelong).
The feeling from the sideline at the beginning of the second half was that somebody was about to get crushed and it wasn’t the Falcons. Spoiler alert: it later turned out that it was the Falcons, however crushed was definitely not the word for it. The second half remained a back and forth match but to our little hearts’ collective disappointment only one team was able to seal the deal and that team was the Warriors.
It has often been observed that, being a more mature club on the circuit, the Falcons tend to frustrate younger teams when they can’t break our defences. I’ve seen them sashay onto the field expecting to outrun and outsmart us with their youthful bodies and wayward minds. Then oh! What’s that? There’s no one to pass to because we are everywhere?! Yeah, that’s right! You might also notice that some of our players are WALLS. You’ll want to back up because walls are impenetrable (unless there is a door involved or you are a ghost and well, you better be a ghost cos we aint providing no doors). We also have players like Nat, who really likes to get all up in your grill when you have the ball. She will SHUT YOU DOWN. And I’m talkin’ downtown.
Yes, the Falcons are strapping it down and cutting all kinds of shapes out there so you better WATCH THIS SPACE lest you miss the chance to say “I knew those ladies before they made it in the world of unpaid weekend sports.” You have been warned.
P. MacKay