It’s not hard to get along with Nell. Especially if you like footy, skating and/or mexican food.

AFLW fans will be looking forward to seeing what Nell Morris-Dalton has to offer – soaring marks, a strong body, banter and a big hoof to name a few.

The Falcons were a complete team when Nell and her Northern Knights teammate Sarah Sansonetti donned the red, white and blue in 2019. They brought with them positive attitudes and a literal spring in their steps.

After cracking 2019 campaigns at NAB League with the Northern Knights and VFLW at Darebin, Nell earned different shades of red, white and blue this year as she was picked up at number 6 in the 2020 AFLW draft by the Western Bulldogs.

Not only did she play a key forward role with the Falcons, but a key team glue role as well. It does not matter whether you are winning or losing (admittedly, Nell hates losing whether it be on the footy field or against her brothers at anything), she has an ability to lift the mood of a room from wherever it sits.

She’s loud and boisterous and in your face, but somehow not entirely annoying. In fact, her presence simply makes you smile. But, put a footy in her hand and she’s dangerous. She’s frightening. You’re suddenly not smiling if you’re against her in a drill.

Her ability to read the play, be in dangerous spots and kick goals from just about anywhere means she’s an invaluable asset to her team. Her left weapon-like kick is as long as it is accurate. Her frame and the ability to read the flight of the ball means she continuously secures herself into the drop zone for a great mark or tap to the advantage of her teammates.

Nell vs Geelong

Nell Morris-Dalton outmarks a sea of Cats [Photo: Rob Lawson Photography]

When asked about her time spent at Darebin in 2019, the three words chosen to describe her time were empowering, fun and welcoming – three values the VFLW team and entire club strive to uphold at every level. We knew she’d fit in.

However, don’t let Nell’s unabashed facade fool you. She’s highly determined to succeed and would often pipe up during forward drills with the simple but effective “don’t fluff around, just tell me what I’m doing wrong and where I’m meant to be if I’m not doing the right thing!”

In her spare time, you’ll find her at the skate park, riding her bike (at a high speed, of course), playing music or throwing herself around her bedroom to “Body” by Loud Luxury.

And what will Nell be doing post AFLW? “Living [her] best life, as always.”

We cannot wait to see what opportunities the new shades provide Nell, but more importantly, what Nell brings to AFLW 4.0.


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