v St Kilda Sharks @ Peanut Farm Reserve



Premier Reserves


Darebin 01.01, 03.03, 04.03, 04.03 (27)

St Kilda 01.04, 03.06, 04.07, 05.07 (37)



Darebin: K.Tyndall, S.Roussos, L.Potter, R.Hickmott

St Kilda: K.Heywood, T.Ritchie, A.Bell, A.Bertagno, M.Conley



Darebin: K.Tyndall, N.DeGiorgio, S.Portway, M.VanRiel, A. Damiano, A.Gunner

St Kilda: S.Scheggia, M.Conley, a.Bertagno, E. George-Brimson, C.Sheehy, C.Saliba


With finals one week away and a win required to lock us in the top two, a 10-point loss to St Kilda was certainly not we needed. However, despite going down at the final siren, it was a spirited effort to never give

in despite having our backs to the wall.


An early goal to Bec against the wind had us off and running but the Sharks eventually goaled and scored a couple of points to lead at quarter time. Our tackling and pressure were through the roof and Layna

set the example with an incredible run down.


It looked like the Sharks would get on top of us and pull away at stages but the close midfield work of Tyndall, Sommer and Tilly kept us close while the outside midfield work of Nic was sublime. A late goal to

Shaz from way out right on the boundary line had us within a goal at the major break.


As St Kilda again kicked with the wind, we were again impressive to keep St Kilda within our grasp. Dash, Gunners and Jem were excellent in the defensive 50 and kept us withing reach come the final quarter.


As it usually happens in close games, the number of stoppages went through the roof. Although we had chances to score, the Sharks did well to hold us out and eventually kick a goal to make it a two-kick



Three losses heading into finals is obviously not ideal preparations but with things starting to settle down and us starting to play some good footy again, we can look to next week’s clash with St Kilda at Coburg

in the Elimination Final with some confidence. We are slowly getting back to the point we were at just over a month ago and won’t be walking out of finals quietly.


Premier Seniors


Darebin 04.08, 06.09, 10.12, 13.14 (92)

St Kilda 0.0, 01.01, 01.02, 01.02 (8)



Darebin: D.Vescio 3, D.Pearce 2, L.Arnell 2, R.Privitelli 2, K.Brennan, J.Dal Pos, J.Lange, K.Paxman

St Kilda: T.Norquay



Darebin: K.Brennan, H.Florance, K.Paxman, N.Wood, T.Ashby, M.Hickey

St Kilda: P.McWilliams, N.Liston, C.Bourdon, M.Cantwell, M.Clifford, S.Raeside