Women’s Division 2
Darebin Falcons vs. Whittlesea Ranges 
0 – 2
Lucy Parrington

         Lucy Parrington getting down with her bad self.
WE WON!!!!! Just kidding. We didn’t win but how about everyone stops talking about the USA and how they banned Kinder Surprises for five minutes because folks, we have a shooting problem. Well, we have a scoring problem and there’s definitely a partial link to our shooting. Having said that, Nicky was delivering some serious firepower before a carefully timed boot-to-ankle move put the kybosh on that one, and CopacaPana destroyed the crossbar with a killer free kick. I’m not joking. The goal is now on a lean. But despite these feats of daring and grace the Falcons did not finalise the arrangement.
The Ranges were well-matched adversaries, although for the entire game I thought they were called the Rangers.  Had I known they were called the Ranges I would have been much less intimidated because I don’t find ranges intimidating. Rangers, on the other hand, are the stuff of my nightmares. This aside, I felt the panic in their waters when we started breaking through their defenses. Our defense looked pretty rock solid from where I was standing, taking out the trash as usual. Then Bam! This ball just pops into the goal like we hadn’t just been owning the field. I felt somewhat cheated. 
Pip MacKay