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On a cold winters morning our girls (half of which attended a formal and after party the night before) had to front up at 9am start at Ford Park. The rumors were flying as curfews were broken and some had some explaining to do. One being our Captain Jess who won the best dressed. Well done Jess smashing them in the beauty stakes. BOG went to Gunners who among other things chatted up a Taxi driver!


R11 Versus Diamond Creek U 15.


To our party girls excitement we started with 2 on the bench. This soon turned to despair as Diamond Creek were short so we evened up giving them 3 girls each quarter so everyone got a run all game.


The first quarter started slowly as the opposition kicked the ball the wrong way and we retaliated by kicking it back their way. Some might say this was in the spirit of the game others might say we were still sleeping, the jury is still out.


Today we welcomed new player Dani who was immediately in the fray in our forward line and used her first kick to centre the ball into our hot spot. Dani was then rewarded by her new team mates who got the ball out to her in the square for her to kick her first goal for the Falcons. Well done all.


Qrt time Score:


Darebin  – 5.3 – 33

Dia ck    – 0.0 –  00


At quarter time the girls were asked to share the footy and deliver the ball to a lead up forward in goal kicking position. Because they did this explicitely all quarter they kicked 7 goals 1 point. It was great to see the forwards rewarding their team mates up field by not only kicking straight but sharing the footy and getting someone in a good scoring position. Well done all again.


Half time Score:


Darebin  – 12.4 – 76

Dia Ck   –  0. 0 –  00


The third quarter belonged to Diamond Creek. They applied pressure all over the ground and outscored our girls 1.1 to 2 points. Our star Phungy scored their entire score. Well done Phungy.


3 Qtr time Score:

Darebin   12.6  – 78

Dia Ck      1.1  – 7


The last quarter saw our girls start to share the footy again and apply score board pressure once more. The game was played in very good spirit with both sides giving their all. The umpires addressed our girls at the end and gave them a wrap for their hard but fair approach to the game. Well done to all


Final scores:

Darebin  17. 9  – 111

Dia Ck     1. 1  –   07


The game was finished of with a birthday cake for Bree who turned sweet 16 on the day. Well done to all and it was great to see Abs at the game. Hopefully Abs can start running soon and be part of the team again by running messages to her team mates in the upcoming games.


We had 9 goal kickers and all played well. Keep this up and if we all attend training now in the cold nights we will reap the rewards later on.


Go Falcons.