993750_1_OThe Falcons travelled all the way out to Craigieburn to take on East Burwood and Diamond Creek in what were two fantastic games.






McWelcome to Finals, out at windy Craigieburn, but at least it wasn’t the Northcote bog.

The game started slowly in the difficult conditions and even though we had the wind in the first quarter, Diamo had 18 backliners which made it tough to score.

In the second quarter we worked well together to keep Diamo quiet and went into the half a goal up.

The third term was our best as we kicked some ripper goals and dominated around the ground. In the last term we had taken control of the game, so much so, that KD even tried to kick a goal for them to everyone’s amusement. Final scores saw Darebin run out 3 goal winners and straight through to the grand final.

Special Mentions:

-To Chinny for asking Dale before the game to look after her.

– To KD, because you can’t get enough of that goal from the pocket.

– TO Jano (aka Iron Mike) for her haymakers in the centre, the tussle lasted longer than Danny Greens last fight.

– To Pete for trying to lose us the game by forfeit due to children on the field , and to Tessa for her yellow card.

– To the impromptu localised hail storm that hit the Darebin showers after the game, and only managed to land on Habs.

– To Schwager for calling Pete’s first born “Tossa”.

– To Norieul’s afro hairdo, which ended up with her looking like a big version of Zachy.


Darebin                 2.3,  3.3,  7.4,  7.7  (49)
Diamond Creek     0.1,  2.4,  2.4,  4.7  (31)

GOALS, Darebin : Lauren Arnell 3, Daisy Pearce 1, Stephanie Simpson 1, Sarah Hammond 1, Kathy Zacharopoulos 1
Diamond Creek : Shae Audley 2, Kirsty Lamb 1, Melissa Douglas 1

BEST, Darebin : Lauren Arnell, Daisy Pearce, Kathy Zacharopoulos, Anna Schwager, Anna McIlroy, Shevaun  Hogan
Diamond Creek : Kirsty Lamb, Melissa Douglas, Natalie Stalder, Dianna Haines, Bianca Richmond, Stephanie Chiocci



The grass was brown and the weather was windy. A great day for footy, make that a great day for finals footy. The Falc’s got dealt an early blow losing the toss in gail force winds. Kicking against the breeze proved an epic battle in the first quarter, however, the Falcons showed they were made of tougher stuff and were ahead from the start.

The third quarter was when the Falc’s hit shut down mode, even despite the Devils having the wind advantage.

The last quarter was when the two’s reinforced why they ended the home and away season on top, and really pulled away at the end.

Special Mentions:

– Welcome back to Jenna, Cass and Tracka.

– To Eliza for starting a ‘mallee’ of sorts.

– To J-Fag still maintaining her ‘yips’, or some say the ‘Clokes’.

– To Trashby for proving she is unstoppable.

– To Bec for her massive Captains bump in the pocket.

– The lovely ‘throws’ that were called.

– To Bradders for making the worst Dad jokes.


Darebin              2.0,  4.8,  5.8,  9.12  (66)
East Burwood    1.0,  1.0,  1.5,  1.5  (11)

GOALS, Darebin : Sommer Portway 5, Aliesha McLean 2, Rebecca Hickmott 1, Sharon Roussos 1
East Burwood : Leonie Snart 1

BEST, Darebin : Sommer Portway, Tracy Ashby, Rebecca Hickmott, Jenna Hubbard, Til Van Riel, Jessica Hill

East Burwood : Robyn Foster, Linda Robinson, Olivia Wright, Tania Paull, Leonie Snart, Shannon Young


Well done to both teams. We now get a well earned rest next week, with the Final being played on Sunday the 22nd of August at Northcote Park, Westgarth Street, Northcote.

Good luck to both teams on the day, and for all the Falcons supporters out there, get along to support the girls.