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Congratulations to all Falcons that participated in the 2013 Women’s National Championships.

A further congratulations to all the Victorians named in the ALL-Australian side including four of our very own Karen Paxman, Daisy Pearce, Katie Brennan and Aasta O’Connor

Fantastic effort ladies! Doing the Falcon family proud as always.

Full All-Australian team line up below:

B: Fiona Boucher (WA) – Meg Hutchins (Vic) – Heather Anderson (ACT)
HB: Kara Donnellan (WA) – Kirby Bentley (WA) – Karen Paxman (Vic)
C: Rheanne Lugg (WA) – Daisy Pearce (Vic) – Steph Chiocci (Vic)
HF: Shelley Matcham (WA) – Katie Brennan (Vic) – Karina Demont (ACT)
F: Aasta O’Connor (Vic) – Chelsea Randall (WA) – Ellie Blackburn (Vic)
R: Lou Wotton (Vic) – Emma Kearney (Vic) – Dana Hooker (WA)

Int: Michele Reid (SA) – Kate Lutkins (QLD) – Courtney Gum (NSW) – Jasmine Garner (Vic)