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The Reserves did the best warm up ever, which scared Berwick into forfeiting the game.

Special Mentions:

Tilly who kicked the ball straight into a puddle splashing mud all over J-Fag.

To the entire team, who managed to come off the ground muddy, after not even playing a game.



The first goal of the game began with a great goal to Tana, unfortunately she now plays for Berwick, so it’s not really the start that the Falcons wanted. After that the centre line knuckled down and it was  all one way traffic in the first half.

Some solid work in the ruck from both Aasta and Schwagagle, saw the midfield getting first use of the ball, and the delivery into the forward line allowed Jane and Habs plenty of opportunities.

The second half was similar to the first, and the half back line of Chivers, Carly, Chinny and Hickey really stepped up a gear and didn’t allow anything through. Chivers topped off a great birthday weekend with a fantastic game and unluckily for Daisy she went off injured after starring in the air. In what was the most spirited performance of recent times, Zachy and Hammo showed that the old chicks still have it, dominating in the centre.

Well done ladies on a great team win.


Special Mentions:

To Sammy for turning up with two boots from different pairs, she just ran around in circles all game because they were both right feet.

To Habs for her special Shimmy goal.

To Julz for her first game in the ones, (We’re pretty sure she enjoyed her post match shower too!).

To KD for dropping her one opportunity to kick a goal this year.

To the whole team for all being in the centre square for the bounce after half time.

To a ‘lively’ huddle.

To Jane for her crunching bump which now makes her the toughest player in the team!

To Ochre for call of the day. “Slippery Surface, must be Etihad”.


Darebin                                 5.4,  11.8,  17.14,  26.18  (174)
Berwick                                 1.1,  1.2,  1.3,  1.3  (9)

GOALS, Darebin : Alisha Habib 5, Jane Lange 5, Aasta O’Connor 3, Lauren Arnell 3, Stephanie Simpson 2, Sarah Hammond 2, Kathy Zacharopoulos 2, Kate Burke 1, Samantha Smith 1, Daisy Pearce 1, Anna McIlroy 1
Berwick : Tana Griffiths 1

BEST, Darebin : Daisy Pearce, Shevaun  Hogan, Alisha Habib, Kathy Zacharopoulos, Aasta O’Connor, Sarah Hammond
Berwick : Courtney Clarkson, Kara Donnellan, Jade Hough, Kelly Bendon, Katie Loynes, Alana Woodward