With both teams trying to keep unbeaten runs going, they took on St Kilda City Sharks. A full match report will be uploaded shortly, but here are the scores from both games..

Round Seven


Darebin           8.3,  10.12,  17.17,  24.20  (164)
St Kilda City    2.2,  2.3,  2.4,  3.4  (22)

GOALS, Darebin : Aasta O’Connor 7, Anna Schwager 4, Natalie Wood 2, Kristen Douglas 2, Norieul Kinross 2, Daisy Pearce 2, Kate Burke 1, Sarah Hammond 1, Stephanie Simpson 1, Shevaun  Hogan 1, Samantha Smith 1
St Kilda City : Liz Contini 1, Cassandra Brooks 1, Grace Vanderwaal 1

BEST, Darebin : Cinzia Tramontana, Samantha Smith, Stephanie Simpson, Aasta O’Connor, Daisy Pearce, Natalie Wood
St Kilda City : Carly McClen, Hayley Maxwell, Liz Contini, Phoebe McWilliams, Catherine Hansen, Penny Cula-Reid


Darebin                                 6.5,  9.13,  12.15,  15.15  (105)
St Kilda City                           0.0,  0.0,  0.2,  0.5  (5)

GOALS, Darebin : Rebecca Hickmott 4, Sommer Portway 3, Sharon Roussos 3, Jessica Hill 2, Aliesha McLean 1, Cath Rees 1, Paige Cardona 1

BEST, Darebin : Taryn Escreet, Tracy Ashby, Rebecca Hickmott, Sommer Portway, Jessica Hill, Tammy Curtis
St Kilda City : Melinda Robinson, Lindy Adamson, Grace Vanderwaal, Amy Littlejohn, Martha Cantwell, Belinda Bowey

After both matches, current and past players went into the club rooms to celebrate 20 years of Falcons Footy. With club legends everywhere it was bound to be a great night. Thanks to Sal Rees for organising the event. A full report on the night will be posted shortly.