Emma Kerry (Kimmy) started her playing career at St Albans in 2005, before seeing the light and joining the Falcons in 2007.

Emma is a four time premiership player with the Darebin Falcons, and is known for her composure, direction and leadership on the field.


* Obviously winning all of the premierships….. 
* Being able to say that I have played in 4 premierships with the likes of Daisy / Hammo / Macca / Shwagga  / Zachy / Habs / Tucker / Chinny / Lozza / Jayno – and being a part of a record that is unlikely to ever be broken.

* Playing in a premiership with Robbo 
* Having the opportunity to have been coached by Pete 
* Friendships that I have formed at the Falc’s



* Having to retire early from the footy trip in Ballarat because I got pneumonia (thanks Doola) 
* Chinny retiring in 2010 
* Getting yellow carded for having a hair pin in. 
* Taking a speccy v Diamond Creek and it not being paid.

Best Game Memory:

* 2010 grand final – was asked to step up by Pete before the game and I felt that I didn’t let her down.

Where to from here for Kimmy?

* Retirement at the end of this season 
* Setting up the Medallion Club for past players (details to come).