We are excited to announce our NAB League signings for 2019 from the Northern Knights program. We welcome, Sarah Sansonetti, Nell Morris-Dalton and Ciara Fitzgerald all of whom had been instrumental in the Knights terrific season.

  • Sarah Sansonetti
    Sarah is a reliable defender, who makes good decisions and has a strong kick. We are thrilled that Sarah is joining the team and think that she will be able to impact immediately at VFLW level.
  • Nell Morris-Dalton
    Nell is an exciting forward who can also impact as a midfielder. Nell has done a lot of work over the past 6 months to develop her football and has had a great season with the Knights as a result.
  • Ciara Fitzgerald
    Ciara is a relentless defender and exciting prospect who works hard and has improved significantly over the Knights season. We are really looking forward to getting her in to the VFLW program and continuing to support her development.

We would also like to pass on our congratulations to Sarah and Nell who have made the initial Vic Metro squad for 2019!

The Knights take on Eastern Rangers this Saturday May 18, 12:30pm at Shepley Oval.