A great Round 2 win on the weekend to the cricketing Falc’s.



Most people have been surprised to learn that we played, but as Buckets appropriately put it, the Moses clouds came and went and for the most part, the rain stayed away (expect for that almighty downpour 4 balls into the opening innings!)

Special mention to el Presidente, who managed an entire batting innings playing a ball that, for the most part, looked like it was trying to give birth to another ball! The fielding team consequently leaked 22 byes with aball that was hard to keep track of off the pitch.

Thanks again to J(esus)C(hrist), our Lord and Saviour fill-in, who’s 3 for 7 off 3 was nothing short of immaculately conceived! Di knocked over middle skittle enough times for it to almost be replaced and Loges and Faele chipped in for their “that’s how you do it” wickets.  And of course, not forgetting our very own non-bowling Glenn McGrath, Bex Walker, who slotted into the cricket team ever so smoothly, despite being totally bamboozled at the big screen action replays. Reports for her return are promising, provided she can catch the next sky ball! J

If you want to be selected for this week’s home game against Riverside (because apparently we don’t play for the Riverbin cup often enough!) please make it down to training Thursday night. Kick off is 6pm. I have it on good authority the little master will be there this week, so everyone keep your coins in your pockets!

CA Out!