Darebin Mini Roos
Darebin Coach Annika Filips celebrated the season end with her players and families at Robinson’s Reserve this Sunday, with the 2022 Mini Roos Season coming to a close. As part of a group of U14 players taking up new coaching and referee roles this season, Annika says that the club’s culture has promoted and supported players to take on the leadership roles.
It can be a bit of pressure, but the club leaders are just putting their faith in me, so I felt really supported. The FFV resources are good, I attended a seminar and got the brief coaching skills training, as well as the overview on coaching attitudes and values. It was good for my confidence, and then I just really loved the sessions with the players. Just watching them really improve their skills, dribbling and scoring goals. At times, they just surprise me by getting in the BIGGEST kicks
Mini Roos Coach Annika Filips

Always loving her time playing soccer, Annika was motivated to try coaching football through the high profile youth development program – the Duke of Edinburgh Awards during her Year 9 school program.
I’m enjoying all the different components with the Duke of Ed, but hands down, the community service part is the most enjoyable. It is really up my alley to incorporate my own skills and build the connections with the players and families in the club. Dad and I switched groups halfway through this year, so I got to connect with over 20 kids, and their families

She credits her own role models, dad and fellow coach Nik Filips, Darebin’s Director of Football Jas Hirst, as well as the club leaders for providing the opportunity to combine the Duke of Edinburgh program with the coaching opportunities at the club. She says putting her own spin on the job has been incredibly satisfying.
I was coached by my dad at Mini Roos- he is such a good coach, just so passionate about the game and creating a positive environment. I had to build on my own skills though, and work out what would be good, probably through lots of trial and error. I had to read the kids, asking them what they liked to do, and adapting the sessions to suit. I put my own spin on it all, making up new drills under pressure and translating my love of sport and my own leadership strengths. The biggest task was probably building my own people skills

With older brothers playing football throughout high school and encouraging family, it was natural for Annika to get involved. Football remains a consistent favourite among many, like taking up gym and dance from the age of 3. She has found a like-minded community and plenty of opportunities to develop leadership skills and knowledge at Darebin, with a football program of over 250 players.
Most weeks, I go straight from coaching to playing. It does reinforce the basics for me. By looking to transfer the core skills, it has reinforced, or made me understand them more clearly. I have really enjoyed the positive environment for coaches at Darebin, just a lot of love from everyone involved.

Now that her players have finished their season, Annika will be focusing on her own game, as part of the Darebin Falcons U15s Purple approaching the finals after a cracking season. Having won 16 out of 18 matches, the Falcons are sitting high in the North-West 15B competition. The fixture is not yet up, but keep an eye out to see the U15’s Darebin Purple in action as they look to play on through the finals to the match against the other divisions.
Fixture will be here: https://websites.mygameday.app/comp_info.cgi?c=0-8746-124279-601882-0&pool=1&a=LADDER

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