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The Falcons got off to a great start with a quick goal into the wind. Scoresby responded in kind, however, the Falcons skills and superior fitness proved too much for Scoresby’s brand of physical footy.

The girls worked diligently to achieve the team goals: Protecting each other and the ball carrier; our goal kicking accuracy; our on-field talk and remaining focussed the whole game.

The Falcons finished with only 17 on the field and with plenty more goals than behinds.

Special Mentions:

– Adele’s birthday goal and the series of birthday cakes she received. (Jenny Craig will be sponsoring us next year.)

– Shaz’s goal celebration.

– J-Fag’s cheer squad.

– Someone actually pronouncing Julia’s surname correctly (Good one Bradders, pity nobody knew who you were talking about.)

– Trashby’s giant hand.

– Sommer being licked to death by Pepsi at half time.

Darebin                                 6.1,  13.4,  16.7,  22.11  (143)
Scoresby                                2.1,  2.1,  3.3,  3.3  (21)

GOALS, Darebin : Sharon Roussos 5, Rebecca Hickmott 5, Crystal Peyser 3, Niki Duckstein 2, Julia Chiera 2, Jessica Hill 1, Aliesha McLean 1, Taryn Escreet 1, Cath Rees 1, Adele Romita 1
Scoresby : Tanzy Hall 1, Tegan Rutherford 1, Natalie Kalow 1

BEST, Darebin : Julia Chiera, Aliesha McLean, Kristy Carbis, Rebecca Hickmott, Rianne Ware, Crystal Peyser

Scoresby : Emily Nadj, Jayde Tankey, Tegan Rutherford, Natalie Kalow, Katie Grice, Sylvana Kusanke



The Seniors took to the field on what was a McHorrible day. We knew that we weren’t off to a good start when Chinny only did her normal warm up. Another bad sign was when Kimmy got her wrong shoulder taped and tried to blame it on Roo.

The start of the game saw a lot of wayward kicking, which meant that Scoresby were in it right from the start. It almost looked like being a shocking game when Woody went down in the first 10 minutes with what was thought to be a broken ankle.

However, apart from the 3rd quarter where Scoresby out scored us, the girls always seemed to have the game well in hand.

Well done to Coutta her tried her best to stop the goals, but if any got through it wasn’t through lack of trying.

A solid performance by all, but there are still plenty of things to improve on with finals just around the corner.

Special Mentions:

– To Chinny for waiting for Emma and nearly getting cleaned up by the whole Scoresby line up.

– To the Wood family for footing the bill for the Ambulance, but never fear people, it was only a slight sprain and Woody will be at training on Wednesday.

– To Tucker who went and got Kd’s boots, obviously they thought they were still on holiday.

– To Macca for almost becoming a Pirate.

– To Sandy/Rowdy for giving the best speech for getting the drink for the day.

– To Shivers for another great game, and an even better profile picture.

Darebin                                 5.1,  9.6,  10.12,  16.16  (112)
Scoresby                                1.6,  1.9,  5.9,  7.9  (51)

GOALS, Darebin : Daisy Pearce 3, Alisha Habib 3, Melissa Hickey 2, Stephanie Simpson 2, Kathy Zacharopoulos 2, Lauren Arnell 1, Jane Lange 1, Sarah Hammond 1, Aasta O’Connor 1
Scoresby : Danielle McIntyre 2, Amy McCormack 2, Michaela Manning 2, Shona Currie 1

BEST, Darebin : Shevaun  Hogan, Kathy Zacharopoulos, Samantha Smith, Alisha Habib, Daisy Pearce, Aasta O’Connor

Scoresby : Kimberley Ebb, Melissa Kuys, Danielle McIntyre, Meaghan Ebb, Kaea Tua, Shona Currie