910257_1_MRound 7: Darebin Falcons vs St Kilda Sharks

Premier Division

            The big clash against St Kilda was marked by a number of crucial improvements, none bigger than in the pre-game music department, as Daisy is now banned from the juke-box after the Joan Armatrading episode in South Mornington that incited the team to want to swing punches.

            The first quarter was owned by the Falcons who linked up well and managed to create space for a slick forward line, who enjoyed having the ball delivered fast and direct.

            Persistence emerged as a theme for the second term as the Falcons toiled away at some key structures that will be important to our success in the latter stages of the year. Hammo’s goal late in the quarter was persistence personified as she paddled half-way up the Merri Creek before taking possession just inside fifty and finishing superbly.

            Roey battled hard at ground level all day presenting herself as a versatile go-to woman who is up to the challenge of playing in various positions on the ground.            

            There was no letting up after the main break with Darebin continuing with an aggressive and attacking brand of footy. Habs led hard all day, taking strong marks and celebrating even harder – at one stage, falling over during one of her signature celebrations. Admittedly, this was justified, it was a very handy point!           

            A great team effort this week girls, bring on the Devils.



Darebin                             10.2, 17.8, 24.15, 30.18 (198)

St Kilda                               0.0, 0.2, 1.3, 1.3 (9)


GOALS, Darebin : Alisha Habib 8, Jane Lange 5, Georgia Hammond 4, Aasta O’Connor 4, Anna Schwager 3, Sarah Hammond 3, Daisy Pearce 2, Samantha Smith 1

St Kilda : Hayley Maxwell 1


BEST, Darebin : Daisy Pearce, Sarah Hammond, Alisha Habib, Natalie Wood, Aasta O’Connor, Shevaun Hogan

St Kilda : Grace Vanderwaal, Penny Cula-Reid, Liz Contini, Sandra Maslen, Sarah Chapman, Tammy Norquay


Premier Reserves


            The Falcons dominated from the first bounce. Socksy continued her amazing form in the ruck. Both Shaz and Sommer were finding space and taking strong, contested marks. Layna was working hard and Tilly was dominating in the air and kicked her first goal of the season (totally on purpose). We saw also the return of Julia ‘Buckets’ Boyle who took strong marks and opened her goal-kicking account. Newcomer Gemma showed her natural talent and found a lot of the football.

            The second quarter saw Shaz continuing her hard work and Aliesha Mclean excellent around the contested ball. Trash dominated the centre clearances and continued racking up goals. Michelle took on the challenge of bouncing the ball, unfortunately the ball didn’t come back; however, she and the rest of the back line were strong all day, frustrating the Sharks.           

            In the second half the Falcons continued to stifle the Sharks’ best efforts. Ochre continued to be in the right place at the right time, kicking two goals. Gemma kicked her first Falcon goals as well. Buckets kicked another goal and several more points and old girl Kero ‘32’ Stephens hobbled off with sore legs.

            Potter’s challenge to the team was to play four consistent quarters of football and the Falcons rose to the challenge. The backliners dominated, holding St Kilda to two points. There was an all-round team effort in front of goals with several players contributing, including little Nik who kicked her first goal of the year.            

            Finally, congratulations to Naz on her one hundredth game!



Darebin                               4.8, 9.10, 14.16, 19.18 (132)

St Kilda                               0.0, 0.1, 0.1, 0.2 (2)


GOALS, Darebin : Rebecca Hickmott 3, Julia Boyle 2, Sharon Roussos 2, Tracy Ashby 2, Gemma Anderson 2, Ochre Shaw 2, Aliesha McLean 2, Til Van Riel 1, Norieul Kinross 1, Alanna PORTER 1, Niki Duckstein 1


BEST, Darebin : Alanna PORTER, Sharon Roussos, Aliesha McLean, Matilda Keynes, Tracy Ashby, Sandy Bugg

St Kilda : Nelby Galle, Melinda Robinson, Clara Wadsworth, Frances Burke, Emma Jeffrey, Nicole Formosa