Premier Reserves

Darebin vs East Burwood


The much-anticipated grand final rematch was a muddy affair, but the Falcons’ grit, determination and resilience gave the reigning Premiers the win.


Potter’s instructions were to play for one other, talk and protect each other, use the corridor and play our own game of footy. The game got off to a competitive start with East Burwood attacking hard, however the Falcons responded in kind, getting first use of the ball at the centre bounces, through Socksy’s great taps and the run of Harry, Trashby and Sommer. Layna played an amazing first quarter, attacking the ball confidently and kicking a tricky set shot.







The Falcons set up the game in the second quarter, kicking four goals to none. Til dominated across the middle and half-back, smothering and spoiling the ball. The other Matilda grew in confidence throughout the game, attacking the ball and skillfully kicking around her body to her teammates’ advantage.  Aliesha McLean put her penetrating boot to good use again and Tory provided great run along the wing.


On a boggy ground, the pace of the game decreased in the second half, with the scores stagnating, however the Falcons managed to maintain control. Spanna and Kerro dominated their opponents in the back line. Trashby had another blinder, continually in and under in the contests, giving Chris Judd a run for his money.


Despite playing out the game with no one on the bench, the Falcons ran out comfortable winners.


Special Mentions:

–       The return of Jenna’s chicken wing.

–       The ‘Falcon’ for being such a great player, managing to be everywhere at once.

–       Ochre’s two goals, including a great contested mark and difficult set shot.

–       Til’s helmet. You better wear that all season Tilpot. It’s on the internet now and everything.

–       Thank you to Tory, Spanna and JC for volunteering to play a real game of footy.


Darebin                        3.1,  7.3,  8.4,  8.5  (53)

East Burwood                        2.0,  2.1,  3.4,  4.5  (29)

GOALS, Darebin : Ochre Shaw 2, Rebecca Hickmott 2, Tracy Ashby 1, Alanna PORTER 1, Victoria  Pettit 1, Aliesha McLean 1?East Burwood : Claire Hesse 2, Olivia  Marson 1, Melissa Beadles 1

BEST, Darebin : Til Van Riel, Tracy Ashby, Alanna PORTER, Harriet Radermacher, Anna Brown, Kerryn Stephens?East Burwood : Kathleen  Fahey, Olivia  Marson, Linda Robinson, Liz Dunne, Stacey Freedman, Jessica Havlin



Premier League

Darebin vs Scoresby


The first centre bounce gave a glimpse of the quality of footy for which the Falcons have been famous. With Aasta commanding in the ruck, the midfield, led by Hammo as the day’s captain, stole use of the ball away from Scoresby, and swept the footy efficiently into the forward line. Scoresby struggled to keep a lid on the Falcons’ energy as they kicked 11 first quarter goals. Sammy looked straight out of the Juilliard school as she danced around her opponents, even performing a pirouette before delivering a spearing pass into the forward line.


On a fairly miserable day and on a muddy ground full of puddles, the Falcons still managed to keep their energy up all game, with the midfielders giving the forwards every chance.  As a result, Jane, Georgia and Habs all kicked a bag of goals and the Falcons kicked their biggest score of the season.



Special Mentions:

–       Coutta’s face mark

–       Emma’s leg mark, complete with an imprint of the Sherrin laces.

–       Emma putting off Hammo by saying: “Kick it to Aasta…if you can kick that far”. Apparently not, as Hammo kicked into the mark.

–       The puddle in the centre circle that Woody made sure she tippy-toed through so as not to get her socks dirty.

–       Shivers’ and Hammo’s synchronized landing in the aforementioned puddle.

–       The umpire, who told the bench to ‘Shut up’.

–       Habs kicking a goal through the canteen window.

–       Schwagger slipping to distract everyone, so Jane could sneak through and kick a goal on her left.

–       Schwagger cheering so hard the goal umpire thought that one of Aasta’s misses actually went through.


Darebin                        11.4,  22.6,  27.7,  33.12 (210)

Scoresby                       0.0,  1.1,  2.1,  2.1  (13)

GOALS, Darebin : Jane Lange 7, Georgia  Hammond 5, Alisha Habib 5, Sarah Hammond 4, Aasta O’Connor 3, Anna Schwager 3, ?Stephanie Simpson 2, Shevaun  Hogan 1, Kathleen Roe 1, Tracy Ashby 1, Lauren Arnell 1?Scoresby : Hayley Anderson 2

BEST, Darebin : Sarah Hammond, Jane Lange, Georgia  Hammond, Shevaun  Hogan, Lauren Arnell, Samantha Smith?Scoresby : Melissa Kuys, Leah Gladstone, Alison Downie, Sherie Wood, Kaea Tua, Chris Di Ciero