Round 17

 Premier Reserves – Darebin vs Sunbury

 In the final round of the season, the Falcons started the game dominating  possession and locking the footy into their forward half. Gemma was  everywhere, smothering, tackling and taking great marks up the field to then  get another possession in the forward line. Trashby’s unflinching work at the  bottom of the packs was terrific and set up many attacks forward. After the  Falcons peppered the goals for awhile, Cath finally roved the ball off the back  of a marking contest and soccered through the Falcon’s first goal. Kerro was  great off half-back, fearlessly attacking the ball, clearing it out of danger and  pushing it forward. She instigated a swift transition off half-back, through  Cath and Gemma to land at Bucket’s feet for another soccer goal. Buckets  then took a great mark in the forward fifty and really really deliberately passed  it to Kate in the forward pocket, who on a tricky angle, slotted the next goal through expertly. Sommer’s fearlessness then drew a free in front of goal and she converted to take the Falcons into quarter time thirty points up.


The second quarter opened with Cassie still loose and taking strong marks. Shaz, in a dominant performance in the ruck, was roving off her own taps and able to push the ball forward. Til’s efforts were outstanding, smothering multiple times and getting rewarded by the umpires by her massive tackles. Sunbury however had regrouped and were stringing some slick possessions together to have plenty of shots on goal. Lucky for the Falcons that they couldn’t find the big sticks. The highlight of the quarter came when Cassie’s spearing pass to Gemma on the arc led to this exchange.

Potter (from the boundary line): Take your time Gemma.

Gemma: Thanks Potter!

Gemma then unsuccessfully tries to pass the ball off to Mattie. It falls short, she gathers it back on the run and slots the goal through.

After half time, Sunbury got off to a great start kicking the first goal. The ground conditions however had started to deteriorate, with intermittent rain and the ball heavy with water and mud. The Falcons hit back, locking the ball in their forward line, but unfortunately only managing to kick 7 behinds in the premiership quarter. Kerro, in a consistently fantastic game, cleared the ball under the pressure, but Sunbury’s persistence and aggression led to another goal. The backline worked well as a unit trying to clear the ball to the centre, where Taz was constantly an option.

The final quarter saw Sunbury continue to attack and were rewarded with shots in front of goal for their efforts. The Falcons however persisted, with more strong marks by Kerro, Buckets putting out the ‘don’t argue’ and Aliesha Mclean dominant in the back line under pressure. Buckets managed another goal and then Lexie took a great mark in front of goal and converted well.

Congratulations to the reserves on finishing the season Minor Premiers!

Special Mentions:

Shaz’s ground karate skills.
Buckets flattening her opponent in the final quarter. That’ll learn ya.
The umpire who stood so close to the ball-ups it seemed like he wanted a kick.
Tilly’s attempt to take out Gemma. That wing span will get ya every time.

Darebin                                 4.6,  5.9,  5.16,  7.18  (60)?

Sunbury                                 0.0,  0.5,  2.5,  3.7  (25)??

GOALS, Darebin : Julia Boyle 2, Sommer Portway 1, Cath Rees 1, Alexis Carydis 1, Gemma Anderson 1, Kate Scodellaro 1?Sunbury : Lisa Borg 3??BEST, Darebin : Sharon Roussos, Tracy Ashby, Gemma Anderson, Kate Scodellaro, Kerryn Stephens, Til Van Riel?Sunbury : Natasha Hardy, Lisa Kirby, Lisa Borg, Brooke Surgeon, Kara Sleigh, Tina Caia

Premier Division – Darebin vs South Mornington

The Falcons got off to a blistering start against the Tigerettes, with Jane opening the goal scoring with a great snap on her left. Wearnie was leading constantly and kicked a couple of goals straight out of the gate. Schwager was dominant in the ruck, winning the taps and giving the Falcons midfielders first use of the footy.  Kimmy was marshalling the backline to set up the zone and kept the Tigerettes forward half impenetrable. Stepho’s attack on the ball was  determined and intimidating and Sammy was applying great forward line pressure. A thumping kick from Aasta to Schwager set up another goal and the Falcons finished the first quarter with 10 goals.

South Mornington started the second quarter with two floaters in their forward line in an attempt to stifle the Falcons attack. However the run of Woody quickly set up Jane for another goal.  Habs was leading hard as well as smothering, tackling and pressuring the opposition. Hammo’s desperation to clear the ball lead to Sammy kicking another goal. Whitty, in her first game in the Seniors, attacked the ball fearlessly and was rewarded by the umpires for her endeavours. Roi was tackling and shepherding hard off half-back and clearing any of South Mornington’s attempts forward.

Throughout the second half the Falcons continued their dominance, holding South Mornington scoreless. The forward line worked hard all day, leading, pressuring the opposition and locking the ball in and giving themselves scoring opportunities.  

The final quarter saw South Mornington line up with a Centre Half Forward and no other player in their forward half.  This proved challenging for everyone as there were 30 players inside the forward arc on the smallest footy ground in the southern hemisphere. However the Falcons continued to press, with courageous smothers from Loz, Daisy and Kimmy and fantastic running from Woody and Hammo keeping the ball in attack. A great game girls!

And now to finals!

Darebin                                 10.4,  16.4,  20.12,  23.15  (153)?

South Mornington                        0.0,  0.0,  0.0,  0.0  (0)

GOALS, Darebin : Alana Wearne 7, Jane Lange 6, Georgia  Hammond 4, Sarah Hammond 2, Anna Schwager 1, Samantha Smith 1, Stephanie Simpson 1, Rechelle McSwain 1??BEST, Darebin : Alana Wearne, Anna Schwager, Natalie Wood, Lauren Arnell, Aasta O’Connor, Daisy Pearce?South Mornington : Laura Cuttriss, Bronwyn Rogan, Kate Thompson, Simone McCann, Kerry Anderson, Nikki Taylor