Falcons-Logo-full-colourPremier Division: Round 4 – Darebin Falcons vs St Albans Spurs

We were off to a good start as Shivers ran through her hundredth game banner and got her face stuck in the spider web of sticky-tape. And despite popular belief, Schwagger was actually playing.

El Presidente Bec kicked the first goal of the game, after playing in both the Youth Girls and the Reserves. The first quarter was a close affair with both sides battling for dominance, with some lucky free kicks giving St Albans shots on goal.


Despite getting plenty of the ball, the second and third quarter saw Darebin struggle to move the footy smoothly into the forward line, with some ineffective kicking between Falcons letting us down and turning the ball over. The Spurs took advantage of their chances and went into the final quarter thirty-one points up.


Despite what the VWFL website says, the Spurs kicked the first goal of the last quarter, with Bec Hickmott returning the favour shortly thereafter. The Falcons’ spirits were still high, and when Aasta booted a long goal, the game was still in the balance. However, the Spurs were getting numbers to every contest and delivering the ball quickly into the forward line, kicking away with four more goals.


With plenty to work on at the training track, the Falcons are relishing the challenge St Albans has thrown down. Jane, however, still can’t understand why we didn’t sing the song…


VU St Albans: 2.4, 5.6, 8.10, 13.10 (88)?

Darebin: 3.0, 4.1, 4.3, 6.4  (40)

GOALS, VU St Albans : Dale Robinson 3, Amy Catterall 2, Karen Paxman 2, Gemma Jones 1, Ashleigh Guest 1, Shannon McFerran 1, Georgia Harris 1, Debbie Lee 1, Samantha Radlof 1?

Darebin : Rebecca Hickmott 2, Sarah Hammond 1, Aasta O’Connor 1, Georgia  Hammond 1, Natalie Wood 1??

BEST, VU St Albans : Debbie Lee, Belinda Miggiani, Bree White, Shannon McFerran, Karen Paxman, Amy Catterall?

Darebin : Natalie Wood, Diana Coutts, Daisy Pearce, Stephanie Simpson, Sarah Hammond, Victoria  Pettit



Premier Reserves:


The Reserves went into Sunday’s game knowing they would have a hard battle on their hands. The Spurs had been improving solidly and play an aggressive brand of football but the Falcons were up to the task.


From the first bounce, Harry, in her first game since 2009, was everywhere, winning the contested possessions and booting it to the Falcons advantage. The Falcons were pushing the ball forward solidly, however they were struggling to hit up the forwards and went into quarter time even with the Spurs.


Coach Potter on the sideline managed to grow a few more grey hairs as the reserves failed to flourish in the first and third quarters.


The Falcons pulled it together in the second quarter, with Socksy contesting consistently in the middle and the team went into half time with a fourteen point lead.


Naz, Kero and Michelle were solid across the backline. We thought we’d lost Jenna this season but she strapped up her shoulder and managed to get boot to ball, including an awesome snap for goal. Trashby, in her first game put at half-forward flank (to give her a rest from on the ball) managed to sneak not one but four goals – a handy forward in the making.


Taz stood up as captain and found her voice and when the going got tough in the third quarter, she battled through, doing the one per-centers, leading the troops to a memorable win.


With good contributions from Bec and Shaz up forward, Aliesha Mclean and Sommer on the ball, Til and Harry on the wings, the team came together to produce a memorable win, with Sommer kicking the winning goal.


Well done Falcs!


Darebin: 1.2,  5.5,  6.6,  9.8  (62)?

VU St Albans: 1.2,  3.3,  7.6,  8.7  (55)??

GOALS, Darebin : Tracy Ashby 4, Rebecca Hickmott 3, Sommer Portway 1, Norieul Kinross 1?VU St Albans : Toni Teasdale 3, Katie Lambeski 1, Ash Stafford 1, Jessica Heath 1, Isabel Lopez 1, samantha johnson 1??

BEST, Darebin : Tracy Ashby, Taryn Escreet, Harriet Radermacher, Sommer Portway, Norieul Kinross, Cath Rees?VU St Albans : Belinda Green, samantha johnson, Shannessy Adams, Ash Stafford, Alana Bell, Danni Hanna