980632_1_MThe Falcons footy sides took on the St Kilda Sharks at the Peanut farm. Well done to both sides for a couple of good wins and finishing the season undefeated. Check here for a full match report and scores. The girls will travel to Craigieburn on Sunday for the 2nd Semi Final, with the 2’s taking on East Burwood and the 1’s taking on Diamond Creeek. Good luck to both teams.



It started as a great day for footy, but got colder and colder. The girls started with a bang with 2 quick goals, but, in the shadow of Luna Park, the Falcons were in for a roller coaster of a game.

The Sharks were hungry for the ball and moved swiftly to respond with 2 first quarter goals of their own. The second and third quarters see-sawed; the Falcons were flat and struggled to counter the Shark’s aggression. By the end of the premiership quarter the girls were finally stringing it all together.

The final quarter saw a better brand of footy, the Sharks continued to circle, but the Falcons kicked four team goals to top off a hard fought win.


Special Mentions:

– To Jules for taking “using your body” to a new extreme and smothering the ball with her face.

– To J-Fag for managing to not only miss the goals, but the points from the goal line. The ball was last seen rolling off St Kilda Pier.


Darebin                                 3.3,  4.7,  6.8,  10.9  (69)
St Kilda City                           2.1,  3.1,  5.2,  6.2  (38)

GOALS, Darebin : Rebecca Hickmott 3, Sharon Roussos 2, Aliesha McLean 2, Crystal Peyser 2, Tammy Curtis 1
St Kilda City : Kerry Saunders 3, Amanda Kennedy 2, Jessica Humphries 1

BEST, Darebin : Tracy Ashby, Taryn Escreet, Crystal Peyser, Jessica Hill, Aliesha McLean, Emily Campbell

St Kilda City : Belinda Bowey, Hayley Landy, Melinda Robinson, Sarah Scheggia, Rachel Achampong, Merissa Byrne



It was a McIcy day for football. Pete handed over the reigns to Daisy for the day to see how the girls would respond to some different instruction. The girls took the challenge on with open arms and really performed well for Daisy on the day. The 1st quarter was the only sour note for Daisy, when the tenacious St Kilda girls strung together two consecutive goals.

With a quick rethink by the centres and the backline, the ball barely past the centre line for the rest of the day.

The girls really applied themselves at the team targets, and with a real goal being our kicking accuracy, the stats improved every quarter. It was nice to see KD get a run out of the backline (kicking her first goal of the season) and even Kimmy getting a run up forward.

Even a mini hurricane couldn’t stop Janeo and Habs, who dominated up forward, kicking 10 and 8 goals respectively. Well done ladies, particularly in some very trying conditions.


Special Mentions:

-To Janeo for missing right in front and screaming so loud it even drowned out the patrons at Luna Park.

– To the whole team for shepharding for KD in the 3rd quarter, pity all the Sharks were just hiding behind each other from the hail storm.

– To Carly for her moral support to Jane after missing a goal.

– To Hickey’s shorts for attracting a lot of attention from the Under 18 boys.

– To Chinny for trying to steal Hickey’s number.

– To Lozza for unselfishly trying to handball to Jane, when Jane was shepharding for her.


Darebin                                 6.2,  17.4,  25.9,  33.14  (212)
St Kilda City                           2.0,  2.0,  2.0,  2.0  (12)

GOALS, Darebin : Jane Lange 10, Alisha Habib 8, Kathy Zacharopoulos 3, Lauren Arnell 3, Anna Schwager 2, Aasta O’Connor 2, 
Kate Burke 1, Stephanie Simpson 1, Melissa Hickey 1, Sarah Hammond 1, Kristen Douglas 1
St Kilda City : Amanda Kennedy 1, Kerry Saunders 1

BEST, Darebin : Kathy Zacharopoulos, Jane Lange, Alisha Habib, Stephanie Simpson, Sarah Hammond, Aasta O’Connor
St Kilda City : Penny Cula-Reid, Danni Bromley, Jenny Male, Alexandra Vanderwaal, Tammy Norquay, Claire Bourdon