v Berwick @ Edwin Flack Reserve




Premier Reserves

Darebin 03.01 (19)

Berwick 05. 09 (39)


In what was a contest to decide who goes a game clear at the top of the ladder, we were going to learn a lot about our team whichever way the result went. Although we didn’t get the desired result that we

wanted, the season doesn’t hang on the back of one result.


We got the start that we wanted, kicking two quick goals before East Burwood could get into the game, although they went on to kick three goals straight.


Sommer’s clearance work was again a standout as we went into the break with a slender two-point lead. The ball was locked inside East Burwood’s forward half for the majority of the quarter although great

pressure kept them to only 2.4 for the quarter. Jem, Tyndall and Tilly’s desperation to win the ball was inspiring.


East Burwood’s lead was eclipsed early in the second half due to some great clearance work and accurate kicking but the Devils managed to kick a couple late in the quarter to increase the lead. Our defenders

worked tirelessly as Nikki, Gunners, Dash and Layna dealt with attack after attack.


At the end of the day, we started to run out of puff in the last quarter and the Devils kicked away to win by 31 points. Despite the result, Tyndall, Maxi, Tilly, Nic, Sommer, Kate and Jem ran themselves off their

feet right up until the final siren.


It’s obviously not the result that we wanted and we had a few girls have their day ended early, first Eliza and then Halfpenny, but it’s not the end of the world and it’s certainly not the end of the season. It’s likely

that we’ll meet Eastern Devils in the first round of finals and once that time comes around, we’ll be more than ready.



Premier Seniors

Darebin 17. 21 (123)

Berwick 01. 01 (7)


The Falcon teachers may have been on school holidays, but upon arriving to the ground spectators would have be forgiven for thinking the ‘wet day timetable’ was already in effect. With rain on the horizon it

appeared the food from the INDOOR Canteen was at risk of spoiling and therefor had to be shut down (No food – what the firetruck?) and Dal and Stepho decided the cold wasn’t good for their complexion,

pulling out their knitting and working their needles and wool on the bench for the majority of the game (not sure you can knit together a snapback but points for trying Stephanie).


Having discovered pregame that she had  ‘forgotten’ her red socks, Karen decided that ‘oh blue will do’ and upon noticing Paxy’s obvious disregard for fashion (and the rules) Kimmy put the call out to the rest

of the falcon fraternity to see if anyone had a spare set Pax could borrow. Unaware of whom the call out was for Daisy ‘paparazzi’ Pearce threw up her helping hand with a lovely pair of bright red socks. As the

realization of what had just occurred fell on Pearce’s face the room went into hysterics. Do these two even talk? Are Hollywood committments getting in the way? Is Daisy’s PA forgetting to pass important

information onto Pax? One can only wonder what goes on in that household?!


Anyway despite the initial speed bumps the game finally got underway. Showing absolutely no signs that the pregame sock saga was playing on her mind, Pax started the game running rings around her

opposition. Determined on taking her game to the next level, Pax decided to draw upon the art of sports psychology – hell bent on keeping her opposition guessing (and everyone else for that matter) she tip

toed past a bunch of unsuspecting Berwick forwards and sitting 30 meters out with the goal face at her disposal, she woooo’d the crowd with what can only be described as an ‘intentional’ leg-break (the Ashes

are on c-mon) 90 degree pass to nobody in particular (well certainly nowhere near the goals). Had the sock saga come back to haunt her?


Turns out Karen’s sudden misguided kick was due to her crippling concern for her mate Nic Nat (Janeo) who had seemingly just been involved in a heavy clash wish her opponent. Getting up clutching her eye it

appeared as though she had been hit head high, however something didn’t add up. Kimmy bemused as to why Janeo was holding her face on the opposite side of where she received contact, she proceeded to

interrogate Jane wanting to set the record straight. Turns out that Berwick is in fact IN THE STICKS as a stray dung beetle (ok ok it wasn’t a dung beetle but making a point that we are far enough away from the

nest that there are farms and the potential chance of cows and dung beetles was high) crash landed into Nic Nats eye, rendering her momentarily blind (Beetle obviously knew who the locals were).


Anyway, initially appearing as though it may be a 3 week injury, and holding grave concerns for her well-being Richo and coaching staff decided it would be best for Janeo to undergo a fitness test this week to

determine whether she will be right to take on the Sharks.


Figuring there was WAY too much mucking around going on; Dani ‘Green-Dog’ Moore decided she would take control of things. Playing up on-the-ball (having received her instructions from the runner in

perfectly clear Latin) Greenie found herself pushing forward. With the footy camped out in the far left forward pocket, Miss Moore (having witnessed Paxy’s earlier kicking display) decided to show pick Number 4

from the draft how it’s done. Taking on the Berwick defense, Dan quick footed it around her opponent and then calmly swung onto her LEFT… yes left… popping one in from deep in the pocket.

And the rest is history.


As usual the Aasta/Shan combo dominated the centre bounce duels and Sarah ‘spider-man’ Hammond was turning back the clock across the mid-field.


Katie ‘seriously marks everything’ Brennan was clutching anything that came her way, even despite the conditions and Hickey along with JC and the usual backline brigade did a ripping job keeping Berwick to

only one major for the day.


What were the rolling quarter scores you ask? Good question. So overwhelmed by the fact there was NO Canteen (seriously, kid needs to eat) and having witness Karen’s early run at the Ashes, it’s safe to say

Roey was finding it difficult to concentrate. In her defense she wasn’t the only one,  with Sporting Pulse and the VWFL succumbing to the horror also, both able to provide the match break down.


A Big congratulations goes out to Jane ‘Nic Nat’ Lange for successfully achieving the big 100 games. Having sustained a serious eye and finger injury (i promise these did not occur in the same incident) we

should be forgiven for inferring that the body just ain’t what it use to be and possibly suggesting it’s time to consider hanging up that headband and boots? Just a thought!













Commiserations to Nicky Cal who went down late in the game with a severe ankle injury. Although, some suspect it was just a ploy to get half the side feeding her lollies and dressing her after the match.

Verdict is still out on this one.



Fingers crossed proceedings return to normal this week against St Kilda and we set a solid foundation for what’s set to be a cracking finals series.