Season 2013 begins: Round 1 v Diamond Creek @ Coburg City Oval

Premier Reserves

Darebin 3.4, 5.6, 9.9, 11.10 (76)

Diamond Creek 1.0, 1.0, 2.0, 5.2 (32)



Darebin: G. Hammond 3, V. Pettit 2, L. Potter 2, N. DeGiorgio 1, J. Milne 1, T. Escreet 1, K. Tyndall 1

Diamond Creek: O. Rahme 1, J. Puautjimi 1, D. Pike 1, M. Whelan 1, G. Puruntatameri 1



Darebin: V. Pettit, V. Smiljanic, K. Tyndall, A. Gunner, T. Alexandrow, G. Hammond

Diamond Creek:  J. Puautjimi, D. Pike, C. Merbis, O. Rahme, R. Hayes, S. Secombe


I’m sure the experienced girls were extremely excited to be back playing footy and the large amount of first-game players were pumped to see what this whole competitive football thing is all about. Considering our large turnover of players, the fact that we walked away with a comfortable 44-point victory is extremely pleasing.


The girls jumped out of the blocks and raced out to a quick quarter time lead of 16 points. Our makeshift ruck combination of Sommer and Clara were providing great service to our midfielders and Diamond Creek found it difficult to get the ball out of our forward line.


More of the same in the second quarter as we continued to lock the ball inside 50. It seemed that the only way Diamo could get the footy out of our forward 50 was if we scored a goal. Georgia showed a little bit of magic to dribble a goal from deep in the forward pocket to highlight a great quarter that saw Diamo be kept scoreless and us holding a 30-point lead at the major break.


With another half still to play, our girls refused to allow the Diamond Creek girls to get back in the game as the margin ballooned out 51 points at the final change. You could be excused for thinking Roo was taking the piss as she missed two relatively easy set shots from straight in front before proceeding to tuck home a set shot so deep in the forward pocket that she was practically in the stands.


Diamond Creek took advantage of a few injury niggles as they flooded numbers forward while a few girls struggled with cramp and minor injuries. Tyndall was brought to the bench and was expected to sit out the rest of the game, though she was brought on late in the final term to provide some rest to other girls and actually managed to score a cheeky goal. Although they won the last quarter, we controlled the game for the vast majority.


Vanja and Swede were fantastic in their first game of Aussie Rules, both taking on important midfield roles and doing them to perfection, while Tory racked up plenty of footy and also claimed a couple of goals in a fantastic BOG performance. Although there were a number of standouts, the most pleasing thing to take from the game is that every single player contributed to the victory and nobody was there simply to make up the numbers.


Good luck to Jem in her recovery, who ended up having to get her foot in a cast after the game, but is expected to recover in one to two weeks. Also wishing a speedy recovery to Nic De Giorgio who is our first girl to be brought off with the blood rule.


We’ve got a big test in Melbourne Uni next week and as good as we were against Diamond Creek, we will need to bring our A game and more against a strong opposition.


Premier Divison

Darebin 1.1, 6.5, 10.8, 13.10 (88)

Diamond Creek 2.4, 3.4, 5.5, 8.5 (53)



Darebin: R. Privitelli 4, E. O’Dea 2, K. Zacharopoulos 2, T. Ashby 1, J. Lange 1, J. Dal Pos 1, D. Vescio 1, A. O’Connor 1

Diamond Creek: S. Cross 3, L. Williams 2, N. Paul 1, J. Eberle 1, S. Chiocci 1



Darebin: K. Paxman, D. Pearce, R. Privitelli, J. Dal Pos, A. Reivers, M. Hickey

Diamond Creek: K. Loynes, A. Barden, D. Haines, S. Cross, S. Chiocci, N. Paul


Round one, 2013 and for the second year in a row, the Falcons faced their grand final defeaters with a new look line up. Whilst a win to the falcs would not alleviate the pain of a grand final loss, it would go a long way to injecting confidence into the fresh faced team and showing the competition that Darebin is still a powerhouse not to be underestimated.


Both teams started slowly, taking time to find their rhythm. Darebin struck first with a confidence boosting goal to young gun Richo, but the Creekers bounced back with two quick goals courtesy of the left foot of Stacey Cross. Wayward shots on goal had the Creekers with 8 scoring shots to Darebin’s 2, but only 9pts up.


Quarter time instructions to the Falcons were to play more accountable football and the message was heard loud and clear. It didn’t take long for the falcons to switch on and show some impressive skills. A chain of handballs starting on the wing with Junior and finishing with Jess’s lethal left foot looked great, until it became a little too lethal for Hammo’s liking, copping some friendly fire from a strong leading Richo. Despite the hard knock (we all know Hammo’s tough!) the ball stayed in the forward line and eventually pressure caused a turnover from the Creekers and resulting in Juniors first goal in Darebin colours! The falcs would pile on 4 more unanswered goals that quarter before Diamond Creek finally pegged one back in the closing stages of the quarter to stem the flow.


The falcons continued their strong run in the third, again outscoring their opposition. With seven new faces (some new, some old, some traded) you could only forgive young Kaz Paxman for thinking she was a Creeker for a moment, calling for the hands and getting them at a creekers set shot at goal. Alicia Reivers wasn’t confused though and slotted in like an expert across the half back line, as did Mel Hickey, H and Dash, all combining to further strengthen the falcons defence.


There was definite breathing space for the falcs by three quarter time and on a big ground, made the task ahead tough for the creekers. But they kept pressing and closed the gap early in the fourth. The quarter was certainly one for the highlights real…lucky live-streaming was up and running by now. Trashie (and Aasta’s) goal from the boundary had the commentators delighted, whilst Usain’s chase down of Chochi was one for the record books.


In the end, the Falcon’s enjoyed a comfortable win on the scoreboard…but a tough battle on the field. And whilst there were many tactics, set plays and a lot of work put into pre-season fitness, the win can only be attributed to one thing. Richo’s fruit policy. The Essendon Football Club has it all wrong. Guava is the new peptide.