v VU St Albans @ Kings Park Reserve






 Premier Reserves

Darebin 4.6, 7.10, 15.15, 19.18 (132)

VU St Albans 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 (0)



Darebin: G. Hammond 6, L. Potter 4, F. O’Connor 2, J. Milne 2, S. Portway 2, R. Hickmott 1, T. Escreet 1, R. Hatahet 1



Darebin: S. Silfvast, F. O’Connor, K. Scodellaro, G. Hammond, T. Escreet, V. Pettit

VU St Albans: G. Campbell, J. Ganino, K. Jennings, K. Brady, B. Palmer, E. Mercieca 


Coming off a loss, despite putting in a great effort for three quarters, the girls were certainly not going to hold up against VU St Albans. We knew that if we kept up the intensity of what we brought in the first quarter that we would win well but we had no idea we’d scorch home for a 132-point win.

The girls had one thing on their mind from the first bounce and that was to win the first contest. We did that, then won the second, third, fourth, so on and so forth. Although we boasted a strong forward line, including Bec in her first hitout of the season, it was Frenchy that kicked our first goal of the game and her first ever goal. Although we were inaccurate, we made ammends for last week’s poor start and raced out to a strong lead.

More of the same in the second quarter as we kept the scoreboard ticking over. As we went into the break at the half, we had eight individual goalscorers, which is a huge credit to the workrate and composure of everyone around the footy.

The third quarter saw an avalanche of Falcons goals as clearances turned into goals faster than you could blink. Georgia made a real impact on the scoreboard, kicking four goals in the third quarter alone as the team amassed 53 points, continuing to keep the Spurs without a score. The midfield work of Kate, Tilly, Taz, Mif, Tory and Sommer was unbelievable as our blocking and movement didn’t allow them to get close to the footy when it went out into space.

With a lead of 105 points going into the final quarter, we wanted to make sure we pieced a perfect four-quarter effort together. Although the Spurs went forward a number of times in the final five minutes, some great defensive work from Halfpenny, Renie, Swede and Kate dropping back made sure that the ball remained in our control. Faele, one of our two first-game players along with Kristy, started to put on a show in the final quarter with a slide tackle-like goal somehow leading to a bizarre first ever goal. She soon followed up her wild effort with a contested one-grab mark in the goal square and kicked truly.

Although our defenders spent a lot of the day trying to shield themselves from the cold, they didn’t allow themselves to switch off from the play. In the small patches when St Albans went forward, our defenders were always ready to counter their efforts.

Despite going into the game without Toni and Tyndall, the latter finding herself in the seniors, the grunt of Sommer and Taz in the midfield spurred us forward while Tory played the sweeping role. The midfield chemistry was fantastic and worked all day. Of course, you need your forward to finish off the work and 10 goals between Georgia and Potter is a great sign of things to come in the season. Let’s hope that Georgia shakes off a knock to the knee that she received late in the final quarter.

It’s near-impossible to spot negatives in a massive win considering we also kept the opposition scoreless but we need to carry this form over into our big game against the Eastern Devils. We now know that we can piece four solid quarters together but now we have to do the same against tougher opposition.


Premier Division
Darebin 5.2, 11.8, 17.11, 26.13 (169)

VU St Albans 0.1, 0.2, 1.2, 1.2 (8)



Darebin: K. Zacharopoulos 6, L. Arnell 5, D. Vescio 3, S. Egan 2, D. Pearce 2, K. Paxman 2, S. Smith 1, N. DeGiorgio 1, S. Hammond 1, J. Lange 1, A. O’Connor 1, A. Schwager 1

VU St Albans: S. Bishop 1



Darebin: K. Zacharopoulos, D. Pearce, A. O’Connor, J. Dal Pos, L. Arnell, S. Smith

VU St Albans: T. Dinuccio, L. Senserrick, S. Iosifidis, D. Green, C. Polatajko, M. Keryk

With VU St Albans facing a number of tasks heading into the new season, its job wasn’t made any easier when Darebin showed up to inflict a 161-point belting on them.


The Falcons owned the game from the first quarter with a five-goal start setting the scene for the day. With the margin already at 72 points when the half time siren went, the Spurs were in for a long day.


With Daisy realising that she needed to take a strategic ‘non-no1 toilet break’ just as the ball hit the turf to start the second half, it appeared things weren’t about to get any easier for the Spurs. Thanks to the sheer dominance of the Darebin midfield a further six goals were kicked, putting the game in the books.


A Nine-goal last term saw the Falcons breeze by the Spurs for the comfortable win. Daisy, Aasta and Jess patrolled the centre and made light work for our forwards all day. Zachy, Loz and Darcy all took full advantage of the midfield dominance to kick six, five and three goals respectively. It comes as no surprise to see that 12 of the 22 girls on the field came away with a goal given the dominance all over the park.


Although putting in one of the best preseason in recent times, 2013 was always going to test how well the team would ‘gel’ together. With a number of fresh faces sporting the Darebin gurnesey this season, it was pleasing to see everyone starting to run in numbers and support the ball carrier all over the ground. With our defensive work and clearances out of the back line looking safe and well controlled the remainder of the year looks very exciting down at the nest!