v Diamond Creek @ Coburg City Oval







Premier Reserves


Darebin 1.3, 6.6, 7.9, 13.12 (90) 

Diamond Creek 0.0, 0.2, 2.4, 2.4 (16)



Darebin: G. Hammond 6, A. Reivers 2, V. Pettit 1, T. Mifka 1, R. Hickmott 1, J. Milne 1, M. Van Riel 1

Diamond Creek: J. Eberle 1, C. Bernardi 1


Darebin: J. Wilson, A. Reivers, K. Scodellaro, G. Hammond, M. Van Riel, A. Gunner

Diamond Creek: C. Merbis, J. Gardner, J. Eberle, T. Cowan, D. Clow, C. Cosgrove


With half of our games over and done with, we faced a fired up Diamond Creek side desperate to get back on the winners’ list and get themselves in the top four. Despite throwing everything at us, we held firm and shut them out of the contest in the second half for a comfortable 74-point win.


Although we spent a lot of the time with the ball in our forward line, we struggled to convert it into goals but managed to hold Diamo scoreless and go into the first break with a nine-point lead. The clearance work of Sommer, Tilly and Rievers off the work of Kate’s rucking was a clear highlight in the first quarter and indeed all throughout the day.


We have struggled to keep teams off the scoreboard in first halves this year so it was really pleasing to see us go into half time with only two points conceded against us. The quarter was blown open as we kicked five goals to none in an impressive midfield and forward display. The quarter was highlighted by a fantastic goal line stop by Gunners that stopped a certain goal.


It was expected that Diamond Creek would come out firing but we managed to make it to three-quarter time without allowing them to do much scoreboard defending. The defensive work of Layna, Jem, Frenchy, Nikki and Dash to keep them from getting deep inside their forward 50 was terrific.


Six goals to none in the final quarter, including a long bomb from near the paint by Tilly, capped off a brilliant quarter and a really impressive overall game.


The inclusion of Rievers on the ball was certainly exciting to watch as she pushed hard to get to every contest and earned herself a couple of goals as a result. Georgia’s six-goal effort and Swede’s incredible effort to not only shut down one of the Northern Territory players but win plenty of the footy in the second half was sensational.


Jemina’s defensive efforts and willingness to attack the footy earned her the chance to have a run in the centre of the ground and she certainly lifted to another level, diving at every ball, taking on the game and using her opportunities well.


The challenge of Melbourne Uni ahead of us is one that we look to with great excitement. Melbourne Uni has lost the last two after being undefeated and will surely come out all guns blazing. Having lost to the MUGARS earlier in the year, we know that we will have to bring our best to beat them.



Premier Division

Darebin 7.2, 14.4, 17.9, 23.13 (151)

Diamond Creek 1.0, 1.1, 1.1, 1.1 (7)



Darebin: E. O’Dea 4, J. Lange 3, K. Brennan 3, K. Paxman 2, L. Arnell 2, N. Callinan 2, S. Simpson 1, R. Privitelli 1, J. Dal Pos 1, K. Zacharopoulos 1, A. O’Connor 1, N. Wood 1

Diamond Creek: T. Ashley 1


Darebin: D. Pearce, E. O’Dea, K. Paxman, K. Brennan, N. Callinan, V. Smiljanic

Diamond Creek: D. Haines, L. Brazzale, A. Barden, L. Williams, M. Douglas, C. Dillon


The top-placed Falcons meeting the second-placed Diamond Creek was always going to be an interesting contest. Although a number of Diamo players were out with sickness and a Falcons win looked the more likely option, most couldn’t see a 144-point drubbing coming.


The falcons weren’t without their own set of challenges on the day and one could be forgiven for expecting a tough day at the office. But someone forgot to tell the players that, as they kicked away to a 38-point lead at the first break setting the tone for a game that would go all Darebin’s way.


An 81-point lead on the back of the midfield dominance of Daisy, Junior and Paxy had the game all but over at half time. Diamond Creek simply didn’t have an answer for the Darebin dominance all over the field.

Katieeeeeeee (insert Janeo squealing here) gave Diamos defenders a lesson in contested marking, taking absolutely anything that came remotely in her vicinity. With the Falcons bench looking more like Grand Central Station every day, the quality and efficiency behind our rotations ensured the loss of Richo to a calf injury early, would have little impact on our ability to run out the game.


With plenty of fresh legs the second half was more of a formality as the Falcons added a further 63 points to the scoreboard while Diamo couldn’t add to its score of seven at half time. Junior impressed in an incredible effort while 12 different girls registered goals on the score sheet. With Dal Pos Senior working his magnets like crazy, people began to question whether Carly had the board up the right way, as Dani ‘Green Dog, Greenie’ Moore could be found roaming around the forward line alongside partners in crime Hickey and JC.


As Vanja, Trashie and Nic joined the party in the midfield, Richo pulled out his abacus and the cogs began turning. After spending most of the last quarter shifting beads he later would announce that his sides centre group consisted of up to as many as 16 players. Yes you heard right, 16 midfielders. That makes me tired just thinking of the miles covered by that many legs.


After what was a great display of relentless, team orientated and skillful football the Falcons now turn their attention to another first vs. second clash next week against Melbourne Uni who have move into second place and look keen to have another chance at dethroning the Falcs.