The AFL is pleased to announce a female talent search campaign will be held throughout Australia in early 2016.

The campaign is designed to give female athletes who are currently active in other sports the opportunity to test their football fitness and skills.

The testing sessions will seek new talent amongst athletes who are not currently registered as Australian football players.

AFL Female Ambassador and Melbourne captain Daisy Pearce will lead the sessions with state female academy coaches while the AFL has partnered with Rookie Me to conduct the athletic testing sessions.

Athletes identified during the campaign will be offered places in female state academies which support players already identified and placed in state league clubs.

Athletes will experience familiar Draft Combine testing; standing and running vertical jumps, agility, 20m sprint and the shuttle run (beep test).

Participants will get an opportunity to demonstrate skills including kicking, marking and hand balling as well as their decision making, spatial awareness and appetite to compete.

Registration is free.


Saturday January 23, 9am-2.30pm
Whitten Oval
Registrations close 11:59pm, Tuesday 19th January 2016

Saturday January 30, 8am-1.30pm
Trinity College
Registrations close 11:59pm, Tuesday 26th January 2016

Sunday February 7, 9am-2.30pm
Anglican Church Grammar
Registrations close 11:59pm, Tuesday 2nd February 2016

Sunday February 14, 9am-2.30pm
Prince Alfred College
Registrations close 11:59pm, Tuesday 9th February 2016

Sunday February 21, 9am-2.30pm
St Ignatius College
Registrations close 11:59pm, Tuesday 16th February 2016

Sunday February 28, 9am-2.30pm
Newtown High School
Registrations close 11:59pm, Tuesday 23rd February 2016

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