Samara “Sammy” David was first offered a game of footy at primary school level.  Backed in by some talent spotting teachers, even though there were not many girls playing, she was encouraged to get involved and was selected for the interschool football team.  With no underage or junior pathway, Samara then went straight to seniors at the age of 14.

My first women’s game I was 14yrs old, weirdly I wasn’t scared of playing against grown women even though I was tiny… I’m sure my mum was but I just had this excitement of just being able to play the sport I loved (there was no under 18s league at that time)

Samara has played much of her career in Western Australia, playing with Southern River, Peel Thunder Football Club and nearly 90 games with the East Fremantle Sharks.  She has represented the state at u19 and U23 level, playing with the state academy.

“One of my highlights from my playing career would be probably making the state 18s and the state 22s for WA 22s. I came off having a few years away from footy and kind of challenged myself to see if I could get back to playing some good footy and trying to get back into the state academy and then aim to get selected for the team.” 

Sammy is an incredibly smart player with excellent game sense who is an asset to the Falcons. Sammy can play absolutely anywhere and makes an impact in whatever position she is playing. She can play tall or small, defend and kick goals. Sammy’s repeat efforts and never say die attitude is a pleasure to watch and coach. Sammy’s on and off field leadership has grown over her time at the Falcons and she is ever reliable to put the team first and get
the job done.

Julia Chiera

Darebin Player & Coach

Sammy is enjoying her time at the Falcons and especially the family community vibe which she attributes to the great culture and history of the club.   Sammy has been impressive this season, kicking a bag against Western Bulldogs in round 7 and is one of the competition leaders in marks.

Sammy came to Darebin and instantly made an impact within the group. She only knows one way to play, attack the contest. I had the pleasure to coach Sammy in her first year and she is someone you could swing from one end of the ground to the other and can always rely on. You can also rely on her to provide a lot of fun and comedic commentary during any team meeting. Congratulations on your milestone Sammy.

Shevaun Hogan

Darebin Player & Coach

Football Experience


WA State U18s and U21s


East Fremantle Sharks WAWFL 2010-2017


Hawthorn VFLW 2018


Darebin VFLW 2019-2021

Thank you to Samara’s Player Sponsor in 2021

Peter Lausch

I always liked Samara David as a player and thought she deserved more game when at Hawthorn. Happy she made move to Darebin and now is shining as a player. Even though only a young 27 she has a lot of experience playing in WA at East Fremantle prior to Hawthorn. In 2021 this girl will fire and really dominate is my belief. 

Peter Lausch

Player Sponsor

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